Annual Cougars Care ignites student participation



The annual Cougars Care drive occurred once again this holiday season. About 40 classes participated in the charity work.  Students donated money and or toys from November 1 to December 5 to give less fortunate children a very happy holiday.  This year, children from Robert Taylor Elementary School received the gifts.

“Not only does Coronado get to participate in charity work, but I feel good knowing that we can give these kids a great Christmas.  Christmas is all about giving,” Jerren Enns, senior, said.

The Cougars Care event was led by senior Kiera Cannella, who is the Student Body Second Vice President.  Cannella, who is in charge of all community service events, was glad to be in charge of the project.

“Cougars Care has been a humbling experience.  It is so wonderful to see Coronado band together and put others before themselves, so that they can have a happy holiday,” she said.

This is the sixth year that the Cougars Care drive has taken place, and students have always participated greatly and supported the cause.

Mrs. Gibson’s classes raised $1500 dollars during the month long drive.  Mrs. Gibson’s father announced he would be doubling the amount, making Mrs. Gibson’s total donations over $3000.

“Cougars Care is the best donation drive that Coronado participates in.  While it’s great to give to disaster relief and support animals, I can’t help but think that giving Christmas to kids is just a little bit better,” Mrs. Barlow said.

The presents were wrapped and ready for the children and delivered to them on December 11 (or 12).

“I know that this experience will create lasting memories for those receiving the gifts, as well as all the students at Coronado who participated.  I’m so proud of them,” Mrs. Gibson said.