Cats obsession causes owners to overlook feline faults


By Kacie Leach

Illustration by Timothy Leddick
Illustration by Timothy Leddick

They sleep all day, eat, and look out the window. Who wouldn’t want to be a cat? Embracing your inner cat sounds difficult, but you may be doing it already.

Cats are such common animals, yet in today’s society they are more than just house pets. What is it about cats that makes them icons in today’s world? Yes, they’re beyond adorable with fluffy fur and moist little noses, but why do we have the urge to go and buy those cat earrings from Urban Outfitters or that cat phone case from PacSun?

You can go to your local Target and see galaxy cat leggings, cat sweaters, and so much more cat apparel. We see celebrities like Taylor Swift wearing a cat shirt. Ellen DeGeneres having an annual “Cat Week” on her daily talk show, where she shows the audience funny pictures or videos of famous felines. People even take selfies with their cats.

Cats vomit on our carpets, want attention on their own terms, and stay up all night long with their crazy cat antics. Whether you want to admit it or not, when we watch those funny videos of cats and laugh till we cry, it’s because deep down, we know cats are mean, and it’s enjoyable to see them doing something clumsy or humiliating to themselves.

In spite of all the mayhem, people still love cats.They wear those cat shirts, sweaters, and other cat garb because we want to be more like the famous felines. Why do you think people take yoga classes? They’re trying to reach their inner cat and embrace it.

I  envy cats, they are purrfectly fine with the way they are, and they don’t care what humans have to say. Cats are simply meowvelous.