Pant impostor causes controversy


By Kacie Leach

Illustration by Leyli Karimova
Illustration by Leyli Karimova

The Monday blues are hitting hard; those jeans in your closet do not look appealing for the first day back to school after an eventful weekend. While searching through your clothes, a pair of leggings jump out and those oh-so comfortable pants are yelling your name.

Leggings are no doubt the friendliest pair of pants, if you even consider them pants, that is. They can give you the look of classiness, yet the feeling of being warm and cozy as if they’re a pair of sweats.

The controversy about leggings is whether they should be substituted for pants or worn more modestly as tights.

Let’s face it, while they may feel marvelous and give the ultimate comfort factor, leggings do not look good on everyone. Although the so called “pants” are uber comfy, they can also be too revealing because the most cost efficient leggings are ultra-thin and equivalent to the quality of hotel toilet paper making them sheer and inappropriate as just pants. When the sunlight hits the unsuspecting derrière, everything and anything that is seen in an R-rated movie is out for a special showing, world premier, bonus feature-sneak peek, broadcasting live on the jumbotron kind of deal.

Leggings are not meant to show off all your goods. For some, they may enjoy that aspect of the pants, but before wearing a pair, think of what others are seeing and if you are okay with it. Look at yourself in the mirror. Even try changing the lighting in your bedroom to see the pants in a different setting.

Before letting the Monday blues control your outfit choice, make sure those leggings are giving off the proper image that you wish to give. I even bend and snap, as Elle Woods from Legally Blonde taught me, in front of the mirror to see what others could possibly be seeing.

So to those who wear leggings as pants, before leaving the house, check yourself before you wreck yourself.