Fans meet internet idols


By Kacie Leach

Amanda Yuen, junior, hugs YouTube star Andrea Russet at Digitour at the Hard Rock on Monday Dec. 8.  (Photo By Kacie Leach)
Amanda Yuen, junior, hugs YouTube star Andrea Russett at Digitour at the Hard Rock on Monday Dec. 8.
(Photo By Kacie Leach)

Digital devices are used for countless types of entertainment. Two of those entertaining pastimes include the worlds of YouTube and Vine. “Digitour,” which stands for digital users on tour, is a convention that allows fans to pay to meet their favorite social media users.

Digitour took place at the Hard Rock on the Las Vegas Strip, Monday, Dec. 8, with crowds of screaming teenagers coming together for a common love of the internet and the people that live off of it.

YouTubers and Viners, such as Andrea Russett, Ricky Dillon, Trevor Moran, Ricky Thompson, Lohanthony, Andrew Lowe, Kenny Holland, and more were lined up and waiting to meet every fan who was standing in the VIP section.

“It was so surreal meeting the people that I typically watch from my laptop or phone screen. To actually be able to see them and hug them in person was probably one of the best moments of my life,” Amanda Yuen, junior, said.

Lines stretching out the door and down the Strip, the Hard Rock was too small to hold such a large crowd. With over five fans passing out due to heat and claustrophobia, security was forced to postpone the show until everyone took at least one step back from the stage. The Hard Rock banned Digitour from returning because of the amount of security needed to contain the crowds.

Fans paid over $100 to meet and talk to their internet idols. Each YouTuber or Viner speaks out to the media about how much they genuinely love their fans.

“A lot of people don’t understand the YouTube or Vine trend, but I do. And that’s why Digitour was such a blast. I got to meet and be around the people that are so inspiring and make me laugh on a daily basis,” Yuen said.

Digitour travels around the country, with the final tour date scheduled in Boston, two days before the Christmas holiday.