The evolving language of teenagers


By Catelin Owens

Teenage Lingo (1)

As the years change, so does the use of teenage lingo. Social media, such as Vine, Twitter, and Instagram have a lot of influence on language trends. Odd expressions like “YEET”, “bruh”, “hella” “bae” (before anyone else) and even certain things like the “nae nae” or the “shmoney dance,” are now a part of our everyday lives. Most people that say these terms don’t even understand what they mean.

In today’s society, some teens use trending terms as their entire language, yet that is not how people used to speak. Before social media sensations, such as Vine even came about, no one used these pointless, annoying terms. Vine stars, like Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier, have a large fan base of teenage girls and tweens who will go along with anything the small celebrities will say or do.

The term “YEET” came from a Vine account by the name of Lil Meatball and went viral. It is used in all sorts of ways and situations, but is actually a term used to express excitement. In that case when people are happy, they have all the right to use the term.

Obviously, not everybody frequently uses these terms. If you do choose to use it,use it in moderation. Teenage lingo can get immensely irritating when overused. People don’t need to say “bruh” after every time someone says something confusing.

If teens feel like they have to use these terms constantly, they should try getting off social media for at least an hour, get some friends together that are literate, and find something better to do than talk about social media and what consumes it.