The Roar staff shouts out to teachers

Coronado staff
Every fall the staff gathers in the gym for an annual photo. Thanks to all the teachers and staff for making Coronado a special place. (Photo courtesy of Lifetouch)

The staff of The Roar recognizes that all the teachers and staff at Coronado contribute to making this a special place to attend school, but there are a few they would like to thank individually in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.

I appreciate Ms. Lea because of how well she teaches. She’s always super helpful, kind and understanding. I couldn’t have asked for a better chemistry teacher,

-Catelin Owens

One of my favorite teachers this year is my English teacher, Ms. Jorgensen. I always love walking into her classroom and getting to talk to her one on one. She’s always super kind and really personable.

-Hailey Krantz

A teacher I appreciate here is Mr. Hurt. He has been a great English teacher for me this year and has helped me grow throughout the school year. English is one of my favorite classes because the teachers always make it fun, and Mr. Hurt is one of those teachers. He always has a joke to share to make the kids laugh. I thank Mr. Hurt for all that he does here.

-Karissa Erven

In my four years at high school, Mrs. Burrows has been the most influential teacher I’ve had on my future. Before high school, I had no idea what I was going to do in college. I hated math, didn’t like the format of English class, and was interested but put off by science. The only class I honestly enjoyed was my theatre class because it gave me a creative outlet and taught me important life skills like how to memorize and how to speak in front of a crowd. I realized that though I was no longer in band, I still loved making music, particularly singing, and started auditioning for musicals. I have since been in almost 10 productions, not all of them with the school, as an actor and a singer. In addition, I have directed two plays and written one play and a short film. Now, I am in the middle of filming my first short film, and I’m planning on pursuing film production as a career. I am enrolled next year in New York Film Academy’s BFA program for acting because of the education Mrs. Burrows, and her theatre IVs each year, have given me. Acting, writing, and directing film are going to be my life now, and I attribute my passion and abilities in both to my time at Coronado under Mrs. Burrows.

-Andy Lawell

One of the teachers that I appreciate most is my journalism teacher, Mrs. Thompson. She has a way of inspiring her students to do their very best and in a way that develops their abilities to the fullest. Mrs. Thompson dedicates her time and skill to helping students understand and fall in love with English while discovering little parts of themselves. She has been a major influence in my junior year, and I am very grateful for the everything she has done.

-Ryann Heinlen

Mr. Poleski, my AP Human Geography teacher, is my favorite teacher because he truly cares about his students. He is always finding a way to help us be able to achieve a higher score on our AP tests. Also, if anything is going on in a student’s life, he is there to help without a doubt. Mr. Poleski constantly puts a smile, not only on my face, but on everybody’s. He genuinely tries to make learning as fun as possible, and his lessons are always filled with loads of enthusiasm and puns.

-Karen Pegueros

In honor of teacher appreciation week and the start of AP testing, I would like to give a special shout out to Mr. Anderson.  Thank you for preparing me for the AP exam and, more importantly, for providing me with the knowledge to improve myself as a human being.  Your class has opened my eyes to so many concepts and perspectives I had never considered before.  I promise to always stand by the cognitive creeds I created in your classroom, and I hope to utilize the tools and wisdom you have given me over the course of the school year.  I am so appreciative of the time and commitment you have placed in me, and I am really going to miss the class discussions and lessons when this year comes to an end.  Thank you for all that you do for us!

-Amaya Hunsberger

Mr. Bartlett is one of the coolest teachers I know. He is also an awesome math tutor, and he is really understanding of what students go through. His sense of humor is pretty great along with the stories he shares in between lessons to keep the class entertained. He is very down-to-earth and has the same goal every day and that is to help his students get further in life and knowledge.

-Maureen Dunn

There are many good teachers here at Coronado but a few stand out. Mr. Snoblen is my favorite teacher for many reasons. He likes to be involved in students’ lives and wants to help us in any way. He also teaches with many examples to make sure we understand the material. He uses a unique teaching style by making jokes and “teasing” students. In addition students can also come during before and after school to get help on homework or to have a conversation with Mr. Snoblen. He rarely misses a day of school, so he can help and hear out what students want to talk about and review material.

-Haley King

When I think about outstanding teachers a few names appear, but to me, Ms. King’s name is in bold. As a French teacher, she has the tedious and difficult task of making teenage students understand an entirely new culture and language. I give her huge props for dealing with me and all her other students when we completely butcher the pronunciation of words everyday. On top of being a patient educator, she makes you want to come to class and actually enjoy yourself. Ms. King has the best sense of humor that doesn’t just target a group of people, everyone can laugh. I’ve never spent a day in her class where it was boring and somber. Another great thing that I appreciate Ms. King for is that she never ever plays favorites. Sure, other teachers may have one student that they like more in their different classes, but Ms. King treats every single one of her students like they’re her favorite. Not only is my fourth period French teacher funny and helpful in class, but she’s even a coach outside of class. Because Ms. King co-coaches the swim team, she can relate to athletes and be supportive of our athletic achievements. My French teacher, Ms. King, makes me love French class and school in general. I appreciate her so much.

-Izzy Schmidt

My favorite teacher is Mr. Adams because he never fails to entertain our class. He is always making our class laugh, but he still teaches us everything we need to know. The projects and homework he assigns us is always relevant to the topic we are learning about. He makes me want to come to class everyday and that is the best quality I could ask for in a teacher.

-Lauren Smith

I want to give a shout out to Mr. Snead, my sophomore English Honors teacher. He was the first teacher to ever challenge my opinions and my writing. He would look forward to seeing my work, even if we argued earlier in the week. He never failed to treat me just as equal as his other students, yet he often used a pristine eye when grading my work to challenge me academically. I found that many times he was actually looking out for my best interest, even if I was too stubborn to admit it. While my time spent in Snead’s class wasn’t always the highlight of my day, looking back on it, his class made me grow not only as a student but as a person as well, and I can’t thank Mr. Snead enough for that.

-Kacie Leach