Pro/Con: Value of relationships

Illustration by Rachel Carroll, President of National Arts Honors Society
Illustration by Rachel Carroll, President of National Arts Honors Society

Pro by McKenna Cooley

Being in a relationship is one of the best things students can experience in high school. Relationships are like living on a distant planet far away from everyone else. That planet is made up of only the things you and that person love and you live in bliss together.

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend in high school is so important. You can’t make it through your four years without that person who makes every day worth the triumphs and struggles. Being in a relationship gives you that special person to spend time with, and it benefits you both.

It gives you someone to talk to all the time. You can go to your best friend after going through a traumatic experience or when you just need to vent. The best part is they will sit there and listen to everything you have to say. Be honest, it’s always nice to know someone is by your side.

Having a relationship in high school gives you a best friend that supports you during both joyous winnings at games and bad fights with your friends. Your boyfriend or girlfriend is always there at your sporting events, being your second biggest cheerleader, next to your parents, of course. They know how to praise you for a job well done and know how to comfort you when you’re feeling down.

It means you now have a semi-permanent companion and partner-in-crime all wrapped into one. You don’t have to worry about going to a friend’s party without knowing anyone, or sitting alone next to a stranger at the football game because your best friend is right there with you.

Being in a relationship allows your family to grow as you meet every member of theirs. You take part in each other’s family traditions, like Super Bowl Sundays. By accepting their sweet hospitality when you enter their home and joining in conversations about their lives, you become a special part of their family, and they hold a special place in your heart.

Having a significant other lets you have someone who makes you excited about every single day because he or she gives you a different perspective on life. It allows you to have someone to tell your corny jokes to. It gives you someone who freaks out about the same things as you. During the most memorable years of your life, you won’t be alone because you have your partner by your side.

The greatest benefit of being in a relationship is that you are happy together. Students should be at least open to the idea of being in a relationship in high school, if they already haven’t acted on it.

Con by Ryann Heinlen

Teenage relationships are a waste of time. Imagine, in the blink of an eye, that person you saw forever with is now seeing his forever with a different person. It’s not unheard of; in fact, it’s quite common. Unfortunately most of that takes place in high school, the one time and place where every teen yearns for the stability and constancy that comes with a more mature relationship.

Most high school drama is centered around “he-said-she-said” nonsense, all revolving around one thing: relationships. “He liked her photo,” “she smiled at him,” and “guess who she’s dating” are just of few of the phrases used to start Twitter feuds and rivalries.

High school is four years filled with brick walls, fluorescent lighting, and raging hormones. After those four years, people move away and nine times out of 10 you don’t see that one person that kept you up all night crying over a broken heart ever again. It’s sad to think about, but it’s true.

The people that you meet in high school are great stepping stones to bigger and better things, great people to lead you on your way or teach you lessons that you’ll never forget, but they should never be your whole world and reason for existence. Getting that date to prom might seem like the biggest disaster to hit your life since midterms, but I promise it won’t matter down the line.

When you become too close to one person, you lose a part of yourself. You’re stuck in a world where the only thing that matters is that person and friends fade into the background. It’s like a flower trying to grow in the shade of an oak tree, the relationship acting as the roots, not allowing movement or growth.

When he says “forever” or she says “always,” what they really mean is “give it a month.” At this age, it’s all about figuring yourself out. How are you supposed to do that if you have to worry about that “special someone” and his feelings? What you were obsessed with one week is “old news” the next. Take Crocs, for example. Every four-year-old girl loves the pink Crocs with Hello Kitty embellishments, but as that same little girl reaches five, she finds herself too old for what she thought made her look like Beyoncé.

Making connections is important. It helps you to develop as a person and provides you with life lessons along the way, but connections that result in high school dating can limit personal growth and be toxic to the overall idea of love.

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