Fall in love with these autumn essentials


By Saveria Farino

In anticipation of the perfect selfie, juniors Veronica Jarchow and Nadia Bokeh smile for the camera. Photo by Saveria Farino
In anticipation of the perfect selfie, juniors Veronica Jarchow and Nadia Bokeh smile for the camera. Photo by Saveria Farino

As the season changes, so do our daily essentials. It’s time to bid summer adieu and smell the swirling autumn leaves that bring fun fall must-haves back into style .


Nothing is better than walking into the kitchen to the aroma of freshly baked treats. Baking classic family snickerdoodles or apple pie will be a tradition to pass on for years to come. This is the perfect way to get the family all together and start off the autumn season.


The time has come to show off festive fall socks. Whether they be fuzzy, wool, or covered in turkeys, rock your uniqueness from knee to toe. Within the cold months, show personality in every detail of an outfit. Stop by Francesca’s, Target, or Forever 21 to find the cutest and most comfortable styles this season.

Tea and Coffee

As the weather cools down, the time comes to enjoy hot coffee and tea. Enjoy fan favorite seasonal drinks like the Starbucks classic Pumpkin Spice Latte or a chai tea at a local coffee shop. Bring a friend to spread the joy of the changing leaves and weather all around.


Time has come to roll yourself up in the fuzziest of blankets and pillows to hide from the bone-chilling breeze. They can also make the perfect fortress for movie night with your sibling or closest friends. Spend the weekend nights listening to the wind howl while enjoying “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving”.


As the seasons change, so do fashion trends. It’s time to ditch the crop tops and sandals, and pull out chunky sweaters and boots. Black Friday is the perfect time to get all the styles to rock at an extremely affordable price. Stop by stores like Pacsun, H&M, and Urban Outfitters to find one of a kind styles to show off this season.


Make sure to stop by a local Yankee Candle or Bath and Body Works to pick up the greatest fall scents. Prices range from $8.00 through $22.50 and can instantly turn a bland room into a pumpkin paradise or apple orchard. Other sensational scents include Mahogany Teakwood and Spiced Pumpkin.


Celebrate Friends-giving with the squad this fall. Enjoy each other’s company with love and appreciation for one another surrounded by the best seasonal dishes and desserts like turkey and pumpkin pie. Spend the day giving thanks and appreciating each other’s company. Check out some fall and holiday food boards to find the perfect meal or dessert to share with your crew.

Pumpkin Everything

For any pumpkin lover, autumn is the time to let out that inner orange. Autumn brings the best pumpkin delights pumpkin oreos, pumpkin bread, pumpkin tea, and pumpkin candles. The list could go on forever; it’s time to embrace fan-favorite pumpkin treats or flavors for the fall.

Take full advantage of all the opportunities autumn brings with these basic essentials that will get everyone falling in love with fall.

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Saveria Farino is a junior and is the News and Sports section editor on The Roar staff. She was born in New York but moved to Henderson when she was five years old. Her favorite pieces to write are personality profiles and features. She loves writing, shopping, and watching movies. Currently she is obsessed with the shows Grey’s Anatomy, Friends, and The Bachelor/Bachelorette. After high school, she plans to go to college, move back to New York, and travel the world.