French students discover what Vegas has to offer


By Paula Dispa

Gossiping and giggling, students get to know their French host student. Photo by Paula Dispa
Gossiping and giggling, students get to know their French host students. Photo by Paula Dispa

Walking around The Strip with bright lights illuminating the city that never sleeps, eating In-N-Out in the car while jamming out to music, and roaming the halls of an American school are some of the many things the French students will be exposed to while staying with French class students from March 28 to April 8. The French students were able to travel to the United States by taking Advanced English as their foreign language elective at the Lycée Sean Juares High School.

“I love that the French students are here at Coronado. I think it is a really great cultural experience because our school and their school are vastly different, and our community and their community are also significantly different. I wish I had that experience when I was kid because having someone in Europe that I was connected with would have enabled me to travel a little bit more. It is a win-win situation for our kids,” Mrs. Delgado, Assistant Principal, said.

French students are experiencing a few days in the life of an American teenager by tagging along with their host students throughout their classes. The trip started with students and faculty welcoming the French students with a delicious breakfast and tour of the school- such as the garden, the gym, and a variety of elective classes.

French student Cassandre Logeart, sophomore, is currently staying with sophomore Elyssa Fair. “Living with a host family is great, and I am having a lot of fun. We ate some strawberries the other day, and they were delicious. I am most excited about getting to know Elyssa better, experience what it is like to live in America, and seeing the Grand Canyon,” Logeart said.

During their trip, they will visit the old Mormon Fort, the Grand Canyon, the CSI experience, the Strip, the Mob Museum, Springs Preserve, and will also attend activities going on at Coronado including an assembly, Powder Puff, volleyball games, and Culture Shock.

Junior Anna Banks is hosting French student Elina Fischer, who is also a junior. “Staying with an American host family is very different because the house is really big, and they have a pool, and where I live, Reims, we do not have a pool because it is really rainy, and it is hardly sunny. I am really looking forward to visiting and discovering new culture,” Fischer said.

On the weekends, the French students are getting a taste of American life. The host families are choosing fun activities and trips on which to take the French students, such as hiking at Red Rock, touring around LA, taking a road trip to Arizona, and exploring Zion.

Adele Gomes, junior, is a French student who is staying with freshman Mckenna Villamor. “Living with an American host family is amazing because everything here is so big, and we are not used to that in France. I am very excited to explore all of Las Vegas,” Gomes said.