I’m ready for summer: let’s do this


By Emerald Green

Illustration by Ainsley Davis
Illustration by Ainsley Davis

It is the beginning of June, and we are in the final days of this demanding and tedious school year. Memorial Day weekend has passed, and finals are next week. Summer is unofficially upon us, which means no more sitting in a room filled with those fake people and their Hydro Flasks. As soon as that last bell rings on June 8, I am out those double doors, and I hope to never see you people again, at least not for the next three months. I have been planning my summer vacay for the past eight months. I am ready; let’s do this.

I shall start by taking a small nap that will last at least two weeks.

I will break hibernation to recycle all of my worksheets and scantrons from this year, followed by yet another well-deserved nap.

I’m so glad that I don’t have summer school this year, that constant stress from procrastinating faking a P.E. log really messes with summer plans. While summer reading might not be take that long or be that hard, I’m still going to procrastinate it until a week before school, as always.

I can finally read those books I bought on Amazon two months ago when I thought I would have time over spring break. I should probably get around to organizing my playlists, been procrastinating that for the past two years (not because of school just because of who I am as a person). Maybe I’ll even catch up with my favorite YouTubers’ vlogs and @Lin-Manuel’s tweets.

I should take into account those spontaneous parent adventures that ruin my daily routine of waking up at 12 p.m, watching Netflix for eight hours, and going to bed at 5:30 a.m. Hopefully, I’ll finish “New Girl,” “Riverdale,” “Pretty Little Liars,” “The Fosters,” “The Flash,” and re-watch “The Office” for the third time by July.

I can’t wait to visit my family and travel with them. I’m going to see new places, experience new cultures, and become a more well-rounded individual. The plan is to pick up a hot local and bring him back to the states. I’m going to have so much material for my Snapchat story.

My friends and I are finally going to have that slumber party that we haven’t been able to do because we’ve been too busy studying and studying and dying. We’re going to have long nights by the pool, movie marathons, and conversations about our greatest fears and the worst things we’ve ever done.

If I return without being fully rejuvenated and having found myself, it’s because summer is two weeks shorter. Clark County did me dirty once again.

This summer is going to be lit.

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Senior and Co-Editor-In-Chief for “The Roar,” Emerald Green is an introspective girl with a sense of humor. Her favorite subject is English because it comes naturally to her and teaches her how to express herself more efficiently when communicating with others, for one of her biggest fears is being misunderstood. She enjoys having insightful conversations with others because she believes that reflecting on other perspectives is one of the best ways she can grow as a person. When she’s not concentrating on school work, she spends her time sketching, reading, and mostly binge-watching, but she has the most fun spending time with her closest friends. Her idols include her parents, Michael Cera, Ellen DeGeneres, Chris Evans, Zendaya, and Zoe Saldana; her favorite comedian is John Mulaney. Emerald plans on pursuing stand-up comedy and a career that involves writing in the entertainment industry.