Cougars unite against Harvey


By Joshua Christensen

While planning for a week of giving, Savana Winterton, senior, maps out a new poster for the halls of the school.
While planning for a week of giving, Savana Winterton, senior, maps out a new poster for the halls of the school.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, Coronado is hosting a donation drive to assist a sister high school and the surrounding community in Houston, Texas. Northside High School was hit extremely hard by Hurricane Harvey leaving it flooded and closed until Sept. 11. Student Council will collect water, food, clothes of all sizes, toiletries, and other necessities every day 45 minutes before and after school until Friday, Sept. 8. Families of the students and staff at Northside have lost almost everything because of the devastating flooding and desperately need assistance and support.

“My friend and colleague, Julissa Alcantar, is the principal at Northside High School in Houston, Texas… There is no way for us to truly understand what they are going through…In her building alone she has 17 teachers who have lost everything,” Mr. Piccininni, principal, said.

In addition to the donations, students can show support through posting positive messages with the #NV4Northside hashtag on Instagram and Twitter. Hurricane Harvey has put a serious strain and stress on all of the students, staff, and people at Northside H.S., and students can give Northside a morale boost by sharing support on social media.

“We hope that our new hashtag, #NV4Northside, and our push for it on Twitter and other social media platforms will raise awareness in the community and help increase community involvement for this great cause,” Nolan Phan, junior, said.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall near Corpus Christi as a category four hurricane with wind speeds up to 130 mph. Harvey dumped over 50 inches of rain and flooded over 100,000 buildings totaling at least 40 deaths. 

For ideas on what to donate, check out this tweet from Mrs. Barlow.


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