180 flip for skateboard equality


By Kiara Talley

For students who aren’t near a bus stop and don’t drive, getting to school can be a problem. One popular solution to this problem is skateboarding. It’s an easy way to get to school; it’s very efficient and provides independence. But there is no designated area for these skateboards, causing the hardship of having to carry them around all day.

There are plenty of rules about skateboards at school. Skateboards can be big and bulky, and, sadly, this can make them a weapon. They can be disruptive, and they take up a lot of room. This is why the school does not allow skateboards on campus; however, administration understands that for some students, it is their sole method of transportation, so they go with the rule  “Don’t bring it if you don’t need it.” Students truly are not supposed to carry their skateboards around campus, and they are supposed to place them in a classroom or somewhere that isn’t in their hands while they are in class. With the overcrowded classrooms and the amount of students that skateboard, there isn’t enough room for everyone to keep their boards in the classes. Not to mention they can get stolen and that will make for very unhappy students.

A skateboard rack in the front of the school should be built next to the bike rack. This would make it easier for skaters. Everyday they are seen in the halls, carrying their skateboards and sometimes getting in trouble for having them when it is their only mode of transportation. The lockers weren’t made to hold skateboards; therefore, skateboarders’ only option is to carry their boards to class. Not only is it difficult to get through the crowded hallways while carrying a skateboard, but it can also be a distraction in class to other students.

Putting in a skateboard rack would take away the difficulties and distraction of having to carry a skateboard around the school. In the morning, boarders can come to the rack, place their skateboards in an available space, lock them up, and go to class without having to worry about someone stealing their boards.  The result: No more skaters in the morning getting in trouble for doing ‘kick-flips’ and ‘ollies’ in the courtyard. No more students focusing on their boards in the middle of a lesson. At the end of the day, skaters grab their boards from the rack and roll home.

Everyone who rides a skateboard to school should have a place to put their boards. The school has a parking lot and a bike rack, so there should be a skateboard rack as well. If necessary, anyone who is interested in having a skateboard rack can help raise the money to buy it through fundraisers. Skateboarders would really appreciate being represented instead of being reprimanded.