GSA celebrates diversity at PRIDE Festival

Displaying their rainbow flags, GSA club gathers up at Sunset Park on Oct. 21. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Haber

By Kiley Brown

The Gay Straight Alliance club attended the PRIDE Festival on Saturday, Oct. 21 at Sunset Park to support and celebrate diversity and lifestyle choice.

“I decided to go because I knew it would be a fun event where we could learn about more opportunities in the community and just have a good time together. Since most of us are friends and like [spending time with] each other, going as a group would be a lot more fun,” Haber said.

The festival included booths, music, food trucks, and even a giant Jenga game provided by T-Mobile. Later in the night, people danced in the music area.

“It was a really fun time, everyone was really nice and welcoming to one another. There was music playing, booths selling unique items, and some interesting people to take pictures with. My favorite part of the experience was the music and having fun with my friends,” Cameron Maldonado, sophomore, said.

After seeing  the parade on Friday, GSA members were inspired to create their own march on Saturday. The fourteen members got into groups of two and three and walked down the sidewalk by Sunset Park waving their flags.

“I liked our mini parade even though it was like 10 seconds. I enjoyed spending time with my best friends, and it was just an awesome experience,” Emma Long, freshman, said.

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Kiley Brown is a senior, and it is her third year on staff. She listens to music as much as possible and enjoys writing entertainment pieces. In her free time, Kiley enjoys biking, re-watching “The Office” and “Parks and Recreation” for the millionth time, and hanging out with friends. Kiley is happy to be apart of “The Roar” again and hopes to have a great last year.