Cougars win battle for state title


By Bryce Becker

After an intense game, the men’s varsity soccer team captured their first state victory. Photo courtesy of Gianna Irunguray

Fighting for the state title, the men’s varsity soccer team beat the Wooster Colts 2-1 after a suspenseful game in Reno on Saturday, Nov. 11.

“This was one of our toughest games throughout the season without a doubt,” Jake Baldauf, junior, said. “At halftime it was 0-0 even though both sides had equal opportunities. It was not our best performance, but we were still in the game. In the second half we picked up momentum, pressured the other team, and consequently, John Lynam scored two great goals.”

Captain John Lynam, senior, scored two goals giving the Cougars the lead. Lynam scored one off of a free kick in the final 10 minutes. The Colts got one back on the Cougars when he shot a powerful kick two minutes later.

Ball possession went back and forth during the second half. Both teams took many shots on goal, pressuring the ball, keeping it from being an easy battle.

“The other team wasn’t going to give up as they continued to pressure us, and they quickly scored their first goal,” Baldauf said. “After that it was a very tense, hard-fought battle. The last 10 minutes felt like an hour, but at last we had emerged state champions for the first time in Coronado High School history. Legendary.”

After losing the state title last year in overtime, the team was proud of their history-making win.

“It feels great to win. lt means so much to all of us, especially the seniors that have been working for the last four years to get to this moment,” Patrick Komanowski, senior, said. “We couldn’t have done it without our team manager Josh. Our state soccer game was really intense, but we stuck it to them and came out on top.”

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