In honor of Black History Month, who is your African American role model?



“My favorite African American role model is Rosa Parks because I love how she stood up for what she believed in.” Ashlin Martin, 9

“Oprah [Winfrey] is one of my role models because from what I have seen of her she is very kind and open minded towards everyone. She’s also generous with her wealth and donates to those less fortunate than her. All around, she’s just a good person and someone I aspire to be like.” Steven Gutterman, 10

“Martin Luther King Jr. is one African American I look up to because he stood for what he believed in, no matter what others said.” Bailey Allen, 11

“Nelson Mandela is a role model for me because he inspired so many different people to be better and to stand up for what they believe in.” AJ Diallo, 12