Tina Yun paints her path to DC


By Kaden Reichel

Painting created by Tina Yun for the congressional art competition, took a month for her to complete the piece for submission. Photo courtesy Tina Yun.

At the Smith Center of Performing Arts, Isaiah Sandoval and Aga Pinkerton announced junior Tina Yun as one of the three winners of the Congressional Art Competition for the Clark County School District on Monday, April 30.

“I have always loved art ever since I was a little girl,” Yun said. “I wanted to tell my story in a piece of art and was super excited when they called my name.”

Yun’s winning design is a representation of her journey as an artist and as a person. The winding road, the shapes, patterns, and mediums all represent the sections of her personality. The vibrant colors symbolize unnatural beauty in the way they blend and stand out with each other.

“I helped her to apply and enter into the contest, but it was her idea for everything she came up with,” Mrs. McGreal, AP Studio Art teacher, said, “She’s funny and kind, she’s a hard worker and especially a helper, she assists other AP drawing students in need. She inspires me to take chances and risks to always do my best with art and other things of the sort.”

The competition is an annual spring event where three pieces of artwork from each state are chosen by each school district to be put on display in the National Capitol Building until the following year. Aside from having their artwork displayed, winners may also receive various other prizes, such as scholarships and gift cards. The prize for 2018 is two tickets to Washington D.C. to see their artwork displayed in the Capitol Building next to the other pieces from winning students all over the country.

“Nevada’s 3rd Congressional District is full of young, artistic talent,” Jacky Rosen, congresswoman of Nevada, said.  “I’m excited to showcase the incredible work by our students, and believe their creativity and passion is something our nation should highlight and celebrate.”