Parking lot stress makes mornings a mess


By Bryce Becker

In the morning, Coronado students, parents and teachers navigate the crowded road. Photo by Bryce Becker.

In the final minutes before school starts, students, teachers and parents struggle to navigate through the crowded parking lot. Confusion slows traffic on Coronado Center Dr. as cars meander their way along while avoiding students crossing the road.

“I feel like the traffic on the way to school is nearly unbearable, and it could be improved by setting some sort or strict rules regarding the flow of traffic within the parking lot,” A Coronado parent said.

In order for the traffic in the parking lot to flow, the entrance on the south side of the front parking lot is designated for buses while the other three entrances are dedicated to student and teacher use. Parents can drop off kids on either side of the road on Coronado Center Dr. or behind the school on Rich Perez Jr Dr.

“I feel that it is the inconsiderate nature of the drivers and small lanes that make parking so chaotic, and it means I have to wake up earlier to drop off my son on time at school,” Another Coronado parent said.

The speed limit sign on Coronado Center Dr. normally reads 30 mph, 15 mph when children are present. However, the sign does not specify the meaning of “when children are present” According to Henderson Police Department, the 15 mph speed limit is enforced when children are in marked crosswalks, waiting at the curb or shoulder to cross the road, or walking along the roadway on the sidewalk or shoulder. Drivers are advised to slow down to 15 mph during school hours and be vigilant when they drive through the school zone as there may still be children near.

“The traffic in the parking lot is super stressful because it’s crowded with everyone trying to get in and out at the same time,” Abby Truman, senior, said. “Maybe entering and exiting one car at a time could improve the chaos, [too].”

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