If you were president, what holiday would you propose to Congress?


“If I were president, I would make ‘National Quesadilla Day’ a holiday because it celebrates Mexican culture, and it’s a good dish to share with others.” Jake Kulik-Warren, 9

“I would create a day where you get to spend time with your family because there isn’t always enough time in the day for people to relax and become closer with their families.” Annalilese Farris, 10

“I would create ‘Free Day’ where everyone gets a day off.” Dominic Heckathorn, 11

“If I were president and could propose a holiday, it would definitely be ‘Nutella Day.’ I have an obsession with Nutella, and I think it’d be pretty great if there was a day where it was socially acceptable to eat nothing but Nutella.” Keilee Willer, 12