Squash summer body standards


By Riley Cable

Illustration by Ainsley Davis

Before starting your intense workout plan and hopping onto the latest fad diet, stop. Don’t even consider a week-long juice cleanse or performing sit-ups until you’re sick to your stomach because “perfect” simply doesn’t exist. For most people, New Years is the time for change, but in reality, people end their health and fitness journey two weeks later. As soon as it’s summer, the time for showing off, everyone regrets their hasty decision as they are far from society’s bikini body standard.

Society expects women to be flawless. In 2019, women need extreme thigh gaps, perfectly toned arms and tall, thin figures to be considered “beautiful.” However, what society doesn’t take into account is that everyone is built differently. From distinct genetics to a variety of cultural backgrounds, it’s entirely impossible for everyone to have the so-called “perfect” body, no matter how hard they work.

Let’s face it, summer is supposed to be the most carefree season, so there is no reason that an individual should feel immense pressure before simply going to the beach or pool. As expectations rise, self-loathing does as well, and when the winter layers begin to shed, it’s as if insecurities come out of hiding.

The “summer body” concept demands a specific look for a four-month period, and then, the idea vanishes. The strenuous amounts of work you’ll put into this temporary body are to impress other people, not to boost your own self-confidence. However, your body is your own and not anybody else’s. A consistent amount of physical activity and a balanced diet over an extended period of time is what truly keeps you healthy.

Steps need to be taken to stop the judgment and criticism for anyone above a size two because your clothing size does not define you. Whether you are an extra small, extra large, or anything in between, your personality and character is ultimately what matters. Regardless of the number on your tag, you are still you.

The “summer body” image needs to be left in the past. People shouldn’t have to conform to societal standards; they should feel completely secure in their own skin. It’s important to be aware of the fact that everyone has insecurities, but how you handle and overcome them is what makes you stronger. No matter how much you might hear it, what’s on the inside is what counts. Every body is a bikini body, and as cliche as it might sound, all you need to do is put on a bikini, and wear it with confidence because you are naturally perfect.

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Riley Cable is a senior, and this is her third year on “The Roar” staff. This year she is taking on the role as Editor-in-chief. Riley loves to write features and sports, specifically soccer. In her free time, she loves to take workout classes, get coffee or just drive around blasting music. Riley loves being surrounded by good energies, and she loves to constantly be around people. Riley’s current plans after high school are to attend college and hopefully pursue a career in neuroscience or psychiatry, but she wants to keep writing on the side.