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By Roby Tan

Infographic by Roby Tan

According to the National Student Clearinghouse, Coronado is ranked eighth out of 51 schools in the district. It is the highest non-magnet school surpassing other schools across the valley with 77.81% of students enrolled in higher education after graduation, 16 graduates attending two-year higher education institutions and 538 graduates attending four-year higher education institutions. 

Coronado’s performance is recognized and awarded as a five-star school. A five-star school exceeds expectations for superior academic performance and a superior graduation rate. The school produced a total score of 89.5, determined based on the index score of one to five in which the school achieved a score at or above 84 with five stars. 

“Writing essays, being consistent with homework and setting goals for myself are what I’m preparing for college,” senior Charlize Abuan said. “High school serves as my training so that I wouldn’t be overwhelmed with the standards I have to meet.”

The total index score is graded on indicators and measures based on student performances. These include the academic achievement indicator, English Language proficiency indicator, student engagement indicator, graduation rates indicator and college and career readiness indicator. 

The school scored a 24 out of 25 in academic achievement with a measure of 52.7% in math proficiency, 78.5% in English proficiency and 47.5% in science proficiency. The English Language proficiency indicator scored a 10 out of 10 with a 36.2% school rating significantly higher compared to the district rate of 14.9%.

In the graduation indicator section, the school scored a 30 out of 30 with a measure of 95.5% school rate for students attending four years in college compared to the district rate of 85.2%. The measure of 94.7% for students attending five years in college is also significantly higher than the district rate of 85.0%.

“The school assigns a heavy workload, so I won’t be too stressed for the workload in college because I’m already used to it in high school,” senior Aeryl Jayme said. “The zero tolerance on tardy to turn assignments in on time improved my study habits and determination to be organized and to complete my tasks on time.”

The school scored a six out of 10 in student engagement indicator with the measures on ninth grade credit sufficiency, chronic absenteeism and climate survey participation. The school rate is 90.2% compared to the district rate of 88.5% in ninth grade credit sufficiency, chronic absenteeism school rate of 13.0% which is significantly lower than the district rate of 25.0%.

“It’s a great accomplishment that the students are getting the recognition for all the hard work that they’re doing,” English teacher Ms. Yeaton said. “Teaching at Coronado, we’re always proud of our students, so it’s nice that the rest of the district gets to see what our students have achieved. A lot of the motivation for the kids is within themselves or pressure from parents to go to college. What I do is make sure my lessons prepare them for the skills they need so that they feel confident if they choose to go to college.”

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Roby Aliyah Tan is a junior and a first-year reporter. She believes in the saying, “Trust the process.” It may be overwhelming during the first year but with a pinch of patience and optimism, she believes this year will end on a great note. She has a passion for traveling, has had her share of seeing some of the world’s wonders and wishes to pursue her dream to travel the world and be more exposed to different cultures.