How coffee has evolved


By Maya Fankulewski

Barista time/ The best way to start the morning is to brew the perfect cup of coffee from home. Plant based creamers are an excellent alternative to add into your coffees. Photo by Maya Fankulewski

Coffee has always been a popular and tasty drink to order, but this year, teens took it to a whole new level. Up until recently, most people would just order a simple latte or iced coffee, but now, coffee is so much more complex. With a huge range in milks, creamers, syrups and toppings, there is a lot to choose from, which makes each cup of coffee so different and unique. It’s also become trendy on social media to post coffee recipes from home. Coffee is evolving, especially since more and more teens are learning how to brew the perfect cup at home.

There are so many unique coffees that people can order or make at home- iced coffee, hot coffee, espresso, cold brew, french press, etc. A popular trend on social media is teens showing how they make their coffee. Lots of people prefer buying cold brews such as SToK, Califa, and Starbucks cold brew. Some of the most popular places to purchase coffee have been Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Dutch bros. While some people stick to the classic coffee orders, others have gone to the extent of adding in extra pumps of vanilla, caramel drizzle and cold foam. 

“My favorite coffee to order is an Iced Vanilla Latte with oat milk,” Junior Dhanvi Yuvaraj said. “Sometimes I also order coffee with caramel drizzle and cold foam.”

Trying different types of plant based milks has become super trendy on social media. So many people have been putting almond and oat milk into their coffees. The most popular plant based milks are Oatly, Califia and Almond Breeze. One of the healthiest, and most environmentally-friendly milk options is oat milk, which many teens prefer to add into their coffees. Most coffee shops also provide plenty of plant-based milks to choose from when ordering a drink. With varieties of milks come varieties in creamers. 

There are so many types of coffee creamers to choose from. With different types of milks, flavors, and brands, it can be difficult to find the perfect creamer. Many teens prefer plant based creamer brands such as Nut Pods, Califia and Starbucks creamers. There are also different creamer flavors like vanilla and caramel. It has also become very trendy to add many different things when making their drink at home. With the right supplies, the options are endless. 

“I love adding caramel drizzle into my coffees because it makes them taste way better,” Junior Emily Fankulewski said. “My favorite creamer is the Califia oat and almond milk creamer.”

Coffee used to be so simple and basic, but now, its creation is so complex. With a variety of milks, creamers and different coffee shops to choose from, every cup of coffee tastes completely different and special. Making coffee at home has become more interesting with the many unique flavors of coldbrews and creamers to choose from. While some people may prefer ordering a simple black coffee, it can be exciting to experiment with different flavors once in a while.

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Maya Fankulewski, junior, is a second year writer for “The Roar.” She enjoys writing features and opinion pieces. In her free time, she hangs out with her friends, practices the piano and volunteers in the community. In addition, Maya enjoys traveling and trying new things. She hopes to pursue a career that involves journalism.