Last week in sports

Fastball// A Coronado Varsity Softball player crouches, waiting for her hit. The Cougars won 9-2 against the Foothill Falcons on March 24. (Photo by Aubree Gearhart)

Women’s Varsity Softball 

by Aubree Gearhart 

The Coronado Cougars varsity softball team took on the Shadow Ridge Mustangs on Wed., Mar. 23. The final score of the game was 1-13, the Cougars taking the loss. 

“It was a tough game,” sophomore Mayra Gomez (#1) said. “But in the end, we all tried our very best and played our hearts out.” 

Although the Cougars were only able to score one run there were some great plays made by the Cougars, as well as at-bats. The Cougars lost by 12 runs. 

“We played one of our best opponents and it was all around a tough game to play,” junior Faith Turner (#8) said. “Our pitchers worked hard for us and we all supported each other throughout the game. Even though we lost, it was a lot of fun and a good learning experience for us all.” 

Your lady Cougars also played a game the next day on, Thurs., Mar. 24. The Cougars took on the Foothill Falcons in this game. The final score of the game was 9-2, with the lady Cougars taking home the win by 7 runs. This was a very exciting game for the Cougars. 

“I’m so excited that all of our hard work finally paid off,” senior Julia Padilla (#15)  said. “We all worked together to win our first game.”

With this being the Cougars first win of the season, the team was very ecstatic. The Cougars are now 1-5 (one win five losses). They have eleven games left this season.

“We had a great game against Foothill,” senior Ashley Zavala (#3) said. “Everyone was putting in their best effort, we got a victory which will push us to work harder for our next game. We worked and encouraged each other as a team. We had great hits and good defense.” 

The third and final game of the week the Cougars took on the Green Valley Gators. The final score was 9-10, with the Cougars losing by one run. 

Catch your Cougars back in action at Coronado field on Tues., Mar. 29. The Cougs will take on the Desert Oasis Diamondbacks. 

Men’s Varsity Golf

by Madison Kitch

Over the course of a two-day tournament on Mon., Mar. 21 and Tues., Mar. 22, Coronado’s men’s golf team took second place in the Southern Nevada Invitational at the Anthem Country Club. The first place winner was Edison High School, a school from Huntington Beach, California. Edison won 297 while the Cougars scored 306.

The five members of Coronado’s golf team play, and then the four best scores are matched up and make up the teams cumulative score. The tournament was composed mostly of Las Vegas and Henderson high schools, with a few California schools (such as Edison) joining the fray. Some Nevada schools include Palo Verde, Foothill, Clark and Bishop Gorman, all of which Coronado beat.

“Our four best scores were added up,” senior Brett Sawaia said. “And out of the scores we added up, we had the second best score in the tournament.”

Catch the men’s golf team at their next league match on Thurs., April 7 at 1:30 p.m..

Coronado Swim

By Addison Stanton

On Sat. Mar. 26, the Coronado Swim team took on Palo Verde to decide who has the fastest swimmers. Despite many on the team being sick, the women won 159-149 and the men won 164-129. This gives Coronado the overall win against Palo Verde.

“I think I did pretty well considering how I felt the days prior,” said freshman Addie Holmes. “I definitely could have done better, but I’m still proud of myself.”

Coronado dominated in the 200 freestyle relay, 400 freestyle relay, and the 200 individual medley. After swimming so well in the previous meet, coaches switched up the swimmers in different events to give them a break from their main events. Not to mention, half of the swim team was sick. 

“I think the team did really well,” Holmes said. “It might not have been our best meet, but we still have many more to do.”

The Coronado Cougars will be swimming against the Gorman Gaels Sat., April 2, at the Henderson Multigenerational Center. 

Men’s Varsity Volleyball

By Emma Barton 

On Thurs., Mar. 24, our Men’s Volleyball team beat the Gorman Gaels 3-1 in an away game. With this only being the third game of the season, it definitely set the tone of what the boys are capable of when they work together. They have a total of 10 games and 2 tournaments left, with one of those games being against Gorman for a second time.

“Although it was an amazing win, I’m proud of our team for completing what we started,” senior Hudson Brandon (#12) said. “We continue to lift each other up.” 

The next mens volleyball game is on Tues., Mar. 29 in a home game against the Green Valley Gators. Varsity will play at 6:00 p.m. and JV at 5:00 p.m.. It’s a game you don’t want to miss!