A Look into Coronado’s Madrigals

And Pose! / Hanging out at the park, this year’s 2022-2023 Madrigals pose for a group photo. Their first retreat was at Sonata Park on August 13th of this year. (Photo courtesy of Brooke Dougherty)


by Talia Medina 

Madrigals is one of the many choirs in Coronado’s department of performing arts. They sing verbally harmonic songs that were most popular in Europe during the Renaissance and Early Baroque periods. 

“Madrigals (Mads) is a chamber choir that sings Renaissance music; it takes place during early bird every morning,” sophomore Alex Belford said. “I decided to join Mads last year because one day during choir Fleischer talked about it, and I was interested in knowing what it was. When he told me what it was about, I decided to audition, and I’ve been in Mads ever since. This year I’m also a section leader for the tenors which is exciting.” 

Madrigals has been a major part of Coronado’s choir throughout the year and is a highly ranked chamber choir in the state. Madrigals is a very difficult and intricate choir to be a part of because of its Renaissance and Early Baroque-inspired music. Many students that are part of Coronado’s Madrigals thrive while singing and performing. A new member that just joined this year, sophmore Sam Lubig, discusses the upcoming concerts Madrigals will have these next few months.   

“We will be performing for this year’s fall play, Hamlette,” sophomore Sam Lubig said “There are a couple of other concerts after that, but those are going to be during the winter time. I think for one of our winter concerts we’re having the Elvis impersonator from the show Big Brother performing with us as well. I’m sure we have other opportunities coming up as well; However, our first concert is on October 5th, and it’s at the school.” 

Madrigals continues to be an important part of Coronado’s choir program and are planning many things this upcoming school year including concerts, festivals, and more.