Women’s Basketball

Laser focus // Defending their side was the women’s basketball team, and stopping 4 shots from being made from the opposing side. Their box out led them to taking the ball back into victory. (Photo courtesy of Paola Solaegui)

by Melissa Duarte

January 11, 2023, Coronado High School had a women’s basketball home game against Paseo Verde. Cougars took the first game of the league home with an ending score of 68-33. 

“I feel really good,” senior AJ Wick said. “It was the first league game, so we opened the season with a win. It’s such a great and satisfying feeling.”

The women’s varsity basketball teams dominated against Paseo Verde. By the end of the first half of the first quarter, the Cougars already had 15 points more than Paseo and gained an average of 17 points every quarter. 

“Yes, I do. There’s a special bond between us on the court,

” said Wick. “Always helping each other, and getting through the rest of the game with our focus being on winning the game with clear heads.” 

Something constantly seen throughout last night’s game is when someone falls the entire team runs to help the player get off the ground. The women’s varsity team has coordination that is on point, and that was felt through the Cougar crowd. 

The following women’s basketball game is on Friday, January 19 at Coronado High School.