UNDERCLASSMAN (SENIOR MAKEUP) Distribution/Return Events


Dear Cougar Families:
We were able to successfully collect and distribute materials to our seniors this week, and now we are inviting the UNDERCLASSMEN, and SENIORS WHO MISSED IT, to participate in the same activity. If you have left items on campus (PE clothes, locker items, personal musical instruments etc.) or you have pre-paid for a yearbook, THIS IS THE TIME you will be allowed to retrieve those items! SENIORS will need to pick up final transcripts. We will also be collecting items that belong to Coronado High School (athletic uniforms, textbooks, musical instruments, etc). All of your belongings have been organized alphabetically, so it IS IMPERATIVE TO ARRIVE DURING YOUR SCHEDULED TIME. We have a REALLY tight time line, so please arrived as scheduled below:


DMV Form Requests – Instructions for Summer 2020

Please fill out the form at https://forms.gle/XDrxeJjJVCk3VMKw6 in order to request your Certification of Attendance (DMV form) at Coronado High School. Please be advised that the completed and signed forms or your notification of denial will be emailed to your school Gmail account upon request 24-48 hours after this form is submitted by Nicole Stokes, Administrative Secretary.

Due to circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nevada DMV has confirmed that the
“Approved” stamp is not required on the DMV form, so print out the form and take it to the DMV with
the appropriate signatures after receipt. Coronado will process these forms until 06/19/2020. The
Education Services Division (ESD) personnel will

Mental Health Resources

Dear Coronado Families,

As we have seen over the past two months, the pandemic has added extra mental and financial stressors to the lives of our students and families. CCSD wants to reassure our families that while the academic year is over, our number one priority is the safety of our students and families. CCSD and your community have resources available to support you and your loved ones.

If you or someone you know need assistance or support, you may contact:

  • SafeVoice: 1-833-216-SAFE (7233) for anonymous reporting
  • CCSD Police: 702-799-5411
  • Mobile Crisis Response Team: 702-486-7865
  • National Suicide Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or ● Nevada Crisis Line: 775-784-8090

This information can also be found on the CCSD’s Website,  https://www.ccsd.net/community/mentalhealth/.

If someone is having thoughts of self-harm,

Class of 2020 Distribution and Collection of Items: May 27 and May 28

CLASS OF 2020 DIRECTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR the Distribution and Collection of Senior Items: May 27 and May 28.


Wednesday ARRIVAL Appointments Alpha group Thursday ARRIVAL  Appointments Alpha group
MAY 27, 2020- 8:00 a.m. A- Bac May 28, 2020- 8:00 am Le- Lo
MAY 27, 2020- 8:30 a.m. Bad- Bl May 28, 2020- 8:30 am Lp- Mb
MAY 27, 2020- 9:00 am Bm- Burn May 28, 2020- 9:00 am Mc- Mon
MAY 27, 2020- 9:30 am Buro- Cham May 28, 2020- 9:30 am Moo- Nz
MAY 27, 2020- 10:00 am Chan- Co May 28, 2020- 10:00 am O- Pe
MAY 27, 2020- 10:30 am Cp- Dil May 28, 2020- 10:30 am Pf- Ram
MAY 27, 2020- 11:00 am Dim- En May 28, 2020- 11:00 am Ran- Rod
MAY 27, 2020- 11:30 am Eo- Foz May 28, 2020-

CHS Suggested Summer Reading List

Coronado High School English Department 2020-2021 Suggested Summer Reading List

Please click here for a PDF copy of this announcement and annotation guides/instructions


The suggested Summer Reading texts for Honors and Advanced Placement English Courses are detailed below. In addition, a list of Active Reading Strategies is included. Students are encouraged to implement the strategies while reading in order to aid them in the comprehension of the given text and future analysis assignments. Students will be given two full weeks of school prior to any assignments and/or assessments over the suggested works. 


Incoming English 9 Honors Students Suggested Text: 

The Westing Game  by Ellen Raskin


A bizarre chain of events begins when sixteen unlikely people gather for the reading of Samuel W. Westing’s will. And though

Senior Parade Slideshow

Thanks to Ms. Delgado and Mrs. Tidball for the collection and presentation of a Senior Slideshow during the Senior Parade.  For those of you who missed it, you can see the video HERE through the Google link.

Thank you to our Seniors from Mr. P

Class of 2020,


Wow… I’m really overwhelmed.  Saturday morning, I woke up and started thinking about our event last night.  It felt important that I share the thoughts I was having; I’m sure many of you will relate in your own ways.


Yesterday was surreal.  We have all settled into this bizarre new normal, and Friday morning felt like that.  I answered some emails, had a few phone conversations, but nothing too unusual.  A few faculty members planned to meet me at Coronado about noon to start preparing for the celebration.  There were signs to hang, ribbons to tie, some technology had to be set up – all pretty normal things for faculty who have made a career out of planning and organizing events like this for our kids.  When I left