UNDERCLASSMAN (SENIOR MAKEUP) Distribution/Return Events


Dear Cougar Families:
We were able to successfully collect and distribute materials to our seniors this week, and now we are inviting the UNDERCLASSMEN, and SENIORS WHO MISSED IT, to participate in the same activity. If you have left items on campus (PE clothes, locker items, personal musical instruments etc.) or you have pre-paid for a yearbook, THIS IS THE TIME you will be allowed to retrieve those items! SENIORS will need to pick up final transcripts. We will also be collecting items that belong to Coronado High School (athletic uniforms, textbooks, musical instruments, etc). All of your belongings have been organized alphabetically, so it IS IMPERATIVE TO ARRIVE DURING YOUR SCHEDULED TIME. We have a REALLY tight time line, so please arrived as scheduled below:



  • Before arriving, separately bag each CHS item you will be returning (instruments should be in their cases), and label each bag with your first and last name, student number, Grade, and the teacher’s/coach’s last name to which the item should be returned. Plastic grocery bags or garbage bags and masking tape for the label should work.
  • Each CHS textbook should have “2019-2020”, your first and last name, and your teacher’s last name written on the inside cover.
  • All transactions must be done while you and your family members remain in a vehicle. We cannot permit walk-ups. If there is more than one student in your household, please travel together in the same vehicle.
  • Bring your student ID card or driver’s license. Parents can come in place of the student as long as the parent brings the student’s ID.
  • Come to the front parking lot of the school on Coronado Center Drive. Arrive ON TIME, according to the schedule above. If you cannot come at your appointed time, you will have to come during the makeup times on Wednesday, or wait until we all return to the building in the fall.
  •  You will receive a “Student Materials Collection/Distribution Receipt” as you enter the parking lot. Please bring a pen to fill out the form.


There will be 9 stations to be visited while you are here. If you do not have business at a station, you may go on to the next one, but you will NOT be permitted to come back to a station once you have passed it. The stations are:
1. ATHLETICS AND CHEER-Uniforms and equipment collected at football stadium home entrance (Coronado Center Dr. side)
2. BOYS’ and GIRLS’ PE-Locker contents distributed at auxiliary gym back doors (Coronado Center)
3. PERFORMING ARTS-Uniforms and materials collected at main gym entrance (Coronado Center)
4. BAND, GUITAR, AND ORCHESTRA -CHS band and stringed instruments collected and student instruments distributed at band ramp (Coronado Center)
5. TEXTBOOKS AND LIBRARY BOOKS-Labeled books collected at flag pole (Coronado Center)
6. CLASSROOM, LOCKER, DISCIPLINE OFFICE and **SENIOR STUFF** -Distributed at staff lounge entrance (Rich Perez)
7. YEARBOOKS-Pre-purchased yearbooks distributed at loading dock (Rich Perez)
8. CTE/VISUAL ARTS-CHS items collected and student items distributed at auto shop bay door #1 (Rich Perez)
9. TECHNOLOGY-CHS Chromebooks and items collected at auto shop bay door #2 (Rich Perez)

**ALL SENIORS WILL STOP AT STATION 6 TO RECEIVE THEIR GRAD SWAG ENVELOPE. Inside your envelope you will find: graduation regalia (except for caps and gowns), AP Academy swag, club cords, athletic awards, final transcripts, fine notices, and some refund checks (some refunds are still processing).

UNDERCLASSMEN refunds will be mailed to the student’s home address.

At each station that you pick up or drop something off, a volunteer will initial verifying the transaction, and you will initial your receipt of materials as well.

As you exit the back parking lot, you will leave the original copy of the Student Materials Collection/Distribution Receipt with the volunteer, and keep the copy for yourself.


This is a lot to digest, and the process is new for all of us. Please read through this memo several times until you know exactly what to expect next week. If you have read these directions multiple times and still have questions, please email Mrs. Gilbert at Gilbejd@nv.ccsd.net.
We will see you on Monday or Wednesday next week!


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