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Parent Resources and Connectivity Information

CCSD has created a list of online resources to support parents/guardians.  This list includes support for parents to access help with Canvas, Actively Learn, Clever, MAP testing, Infinite Campus, resources for ELL students, and information for distance learning focusing on routines, schedules, and flexibility.

These websites resources can be found HERE.


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Class of 2020 Follow-up

For those seniors who are completing their time with Coronado HS, diplomas were distributed at our graduation ceremony. Final transcripts had been previously distributed during the last week of school in the senior envelopes. Some questions have arisen, please see below for help since our open office time is limited due to the continuing Covid-19 situation and CCSD recommendations for our staff.

Diplomas/additional senior items not already collected can be picked up based on the availability of the office staff. Please call 702-799-6800 and press “0” for staff to take your call; you may also leave a message and we will return your call as soon as possible. Coronado HS administration is expecting to be at more regular office hours beginning July 22nd, depending on the state recommendations.

Rental gowns from Herff Jones can be returned to the Herff Jones office. Please contact them directly for their hours at 5071 N Rainbow Blvd #150, Las Vegas, NV 89130; (702) 396-4723.

Ordering pictures from the graduation ceremony are available .

If you need additional transcripts sent to an institution, and the sealed final transcript we provided does not suffice, please visit: to order your official transcript.

Class of 2020 grads seeking information about their ACT scores can log into their own ACT account or ask for a copy of their report by calling 702-799-6800 ext “0”; again, based on staff availability, that request can be fulfilled.


Graduation Ceremony for Coronado High School Wednesday, June 17, 2020



We are so excited to have planned a hybrid commencement ceremony to celebrate your accomplishments and recognize this culmination of your formative educational experiences from K-12.  Please use the alph schedule above to plan on your part in the processional for you and your four (4) guests.  The entire processional will be live-streamed at 10:00am by clicking on our link on  It will also be available via FB Live and YouTube Live from our Coronado HS accounts.  We encourage all Coronado family, friends, and community to enjoy the day virtually.


The following safety recommendations are for all seniors and guests to review and consider when participating in this event:

  • Seniors/Guests who have exposure to COVID positive patients in the past two weeks are not to participate.
  • All seniors/guests are encouraged to wear their own masks to reduce exposure to one another and staff.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available upon entry to the school by all seniors/guests and encouraged for all to use.
  • All groups will maintain a 6ft. social distance from one another throughout the processional.
  • Loitering and gathering prior to and after the assigned processional time is not allowed.
  • Guests should wait in cars for direction from staff ushers in order to avoid the high temperatures outside.



  • Please enter the parking through the 1001 Coronado entrance BY THE TENNIS COURTS; from there you will be directed to a parking lane dependent upon your session #.
  • To assist parking attendant staff, please arrive in one vehicle (when possible) with the senior, and place a sheet of paper in the front passenger windshield with the assigned alpha session number.
  • Follow the parking directions by staff attendants to help ease the burden of traffic for entering and exiting the property.
  • Remain in your vehicle until staff ushers invite your group to proceed to the performing arts entrance ramp.
  • Please let an usher know if you have a guest who will need ADA accommodations; those seniors/guests will be led to a separate entrance for ease of entry.



  • While maintaining 6 ft. social distance, seniors will pick up their own name card upon entering the band room.
  • A guided route will take the senior/guests through the processional.
  • Once in the theatre, students will prepare to walk across the stage to pick up their diploma (cover) and pose for a professional photo while onstage with Mr. Piccininni.
  • Guests will step down to the audience are of the stage and cross prior to the student’s name being read to allow for personal photos/video.
  • Parties will reunite prior to entering the theatre lobby where students will receive a commemorative graduation program AND their diploma (in an envelope to be placed in the already-picked-up cover).
  • Honor cords not already paid for will be collected by staff prior to the diploma distribution. [Honor cords for GPA – all white or all gold – can be paid for online at the webstore; contact if you have issues logging in to pay for those cords BEFORE June 17, 2020.]
  • The entire party will pose for a professional photo of the group.
  • Senior/guests will exit into the theatre quad area where Herff Jones rental gowns will be removed for return.
  • Senior/guests will return to their vehicle and immediately exit to make way for the next session.










Q:           Can I bring any more than the four guests?

A:            No.  ALL seniors are permitted only four (4) guests; this is non-negotiable in order to be able to keep in compliance with CCSD regulations and to be able to celebrate the 800 seniors who will be participating.  While we understand that means difficult decisions on who can be actually present, we appreciate – in advance – the strict adherence to this policy.


Q:           What should I wear?

A:            Seniors are permitted to wear school-provided regalia only.  All attire should follow the CCSD dress code guidelines and include comfortable shoes for the processional.  Only Herff Jones caps/gowns/tassels are permitted and additional decoration (leis, hats, floaties, medals, decorated caps) are not permitted per CCSD graduation guidelines.


Q:           How can other people participate in the processional if they can’t actually be my guest?

A:            Please encourage all to log in to the live stream of the events at and on Coronado HS’s FB Live and YouTube Live.  It will be recommended that you communicate with your audience from home when you are assigned to arrive/walk in order to help narrow down your particular live-stream time.


Q:           How can I hear the speeches/music/etc. that we would have at a traditional ceremony?

A:            All program components will be part of the live-stream prior to the 10:00am processional ceremony.  The speeches/music/etc. will also be posted separately on Tuesday evening for those who’d like to watch them before Wednesday’s events.


Q:           How can I see my friends walk across the stage?

A:            Please refer to page 1 where the schedule is attached; in some cases where students need special accommodations, their times have been changed, so just ask them what session they’ve been assigned so you can tune in to the live-stream.


Q:           What if I am not participating and need to return my gown?

A:            Students not participating should make arrangements with Herff Jones (702)396-4723 to return the gown.  All students are to keep their tassel and cap.  A fee of $300.00 is assessed for all gowns not returned.


Q:           What if I am not participating and want my diploma?

A:            Staff will be available for diploma pick up at 9:00AM – 10:00AM on Thursday, June 18, 2020.  After that date and depending on the re-opening plan, diplomas will be available from the front office.  Unclaimed diplomas as of December 2020 will be mailed to the last known address in Infinite Campus.


Q:           What if I still don’t have my cap and gown?

A:            If you ordered prior to Friday, June 12, 2020 Herff Jones is working to provide all the regalia prior to the ceremony.  Coronado administrators are taking regular trips to their office to ease the burden of driving across town to the HJ office, but concerns can be made to them directly: (702)396-4723.  As soon as Coronado is in possession of the items ordered, we are sending a Parentlink text for pick-up at 9:00am on Monday, June 15th or Tuesday, June 16th at the front of the school. If you need additional arrangements, please email

If you did not order by the deadline, you can contact Herff Jones to see what the likelihood is of getting your cap/gown/tassel prior to the ceremony; again, ALL participating students in the processional must be in the approved regalia.

UNDERCLASSMAN (SENIOR MAKEUP) Distribution/Return Events


Dear Cougar Families:
We were able to successfully collect and distribute materials to our seniors this week, and now we are inviting the UNDERCLASSMEN, and SENIORS WHO MISSED IT, to participate in the same activity. If you have left items on campus (PE clothes, locker items, personal musical instruments etc.) or you have pre-paid for a yearbook, THIS IS THE TIME you will be allowed to retrieve those items! SENIORS will need to pick up final transcripts. We will also be collecting items that belong to Coronado High School (athletic uniforms, textbooks, musical instruments, etc). All of your belongings have been organized alphabetically, so it IS IMPERATIVE TO ARRIVE DURING YOUR SCHEDULED TIME. We have a REALLY tight time line, so please arrived as scheduled below:



  • Before arriving, separately bag each CHS item you will be returning (instruments should be in their cases), and label each bag with your first and last name, student number, Grade, and the teacher’s/coach’s last name to which the item should be returned. Plastic grocery bags or garbage bags and masking tape for the label should work.
  • Each CHS textbook should have “2019-2020”, your first and last name, and your teacher’s last name written on the inside cover.
  • All transactions must be done while you and your family members remain in a vehicle. We cannot permit walk-ups. If there is more than one student in your household, please travel together in the same vehicle.
  • Bring your student ID card or driver’s license. Parents can come in place of the student as long as the parent brings the student’s ID.
  • Come to the front parking lot of the school on Coronado Center Drive. Arrive ON TIME, according to the schedule above. If you cannot come at your appointed time, you will have to come during the makeup times on Wednesday, or wait until we all return to the building in the fall.
  •  You will receive a “Student Materials Collection/Distribution Receipt” as you enter the parking lot. Please bring a pen to fill out the form.


There will be 9 stations to be visited while you are here. If you do not have business at a station, you may go on to the next one, but you will NOT be permitted to come back to a station once you have passed it. The stations are:
1. ATHLETICS AND CHEER-Uniforms and equipment collected at football stadium home entrance (Coronado Center Dr. side)
2. BOYS’ and GIRLS’ PE-Locker contents distributed at auxiliary gym back doors (Coronado Center)
3. PERFORMING ARTS-Uniforms and materials collected at main gym entrance (Coronado Center)
4. BAND, GUITAR, AND ORCHESTRA -CHS band and stringed instruments collected and student instruments distributed at band ramp (Coronado Center)
5. TEXTBOOKS AND LIBRARY BOOKS-Labeled books collected at flag pole (Coronado Center)
6. CLASSROOM, LOCKER, DISCIPLINE OFFICE and **SENIOR STUFF** -Distributed at staff lounge entrance (Rich Perez)
7. YEARBOOKS-Pre-purchased yearbooks distributed at loading dock (Rich Perez)
8. CTE/VISUAL ARTS-CHS items collected and student items distributed at auto shop bay door #1 (Rich Perez)
9. TECHNOLOGY-CHS Chromebooks and items collected at auto shop bay door #2 (Rich Perez)

**ALL SENIORS WILL STOP AT STATION 6 TO RECEIVE THEIR GRAD SWAG ENVELOPE. Inside your envelope you will find: graduation regalia (except for caps and gowns), AP Academy swag, club cords, athletic awards, final transcripts, fine notices, and some refund checks (some refunds are still processing).

UNDERCLASSMEN refunds will be mailed to the student’s home address.

At each station that you pick up or drop something off, a volunteer will initial verifying the transaction, and you will initial your receipt of materials as well.

As you exit the back parking lot, you will leave the original copy of the Student Materials Collection/Distribution Receipt with the volunteer, and keep the copy for yourself.


This is a lot to digest, and the process is new for all of us. Please read through this memo several times until you know exactly what to expect next week. If you have read these directions multiple times and still have questions, please email Mrs. Gilbert at
We will see you on Monday or Wednesday next week!

DMV Form Requests

Please fill out the form at in order to request your Certification of Attendance (DMV form) at Coronado High School while logged into the student’s school gmail account. Please be advised that the completed and signed forms OR the notification of denial will be emailed to your school Gmail account upon request 24-48 hours after this form is submitted.

Thank you!

Mental Health Resources

Dear Coronado Families,

As we have seen over the past two months, the pandemic has added extra mental and financial stressors to the lives of our students and families. CCSD wants to reassure our families that while the academic year is over, our number one priority is the safety of our students and families. CCSD and your community have resources available to support you and your loved ones.

If you or someone you know need assistance or support, you may contact:

  • SafeVoice: 1-833-216-SAFE (7233) for anonymous reporting
  • CCSD Police: 702-799-5411
  • Mobile Crisis Response Team: 702-486-7865
  • National Suicide Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALK (8255) or ● Nevada Crisis Line: 775-784-8090

This information can also be found on the CCSD’s Website,

If someone is having thoughts of self-harm, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255). Please call 911 for an immediate emergency situation. Thank you for your attention and we hope these resources will aid people if the need arises.

On a personal note, I hope this email finds you safe and healthy. Our faculty and staff are incredibly grateful to serve you and we miss being a part of your day to day lives! As a reminder, as soon as we receive approval from CCSD on our graduation plans, we will follow up immediately to notify everyone of the next steps.  We remain hopeful and continue to think positive thoughts.  Thank you so much for your patience.


Mike Piccininni


Coronado High School

Buenas tardes padres y tutores: 

Este mensaje es de parte de la dirección de su escuela. 

Todos hemos visto cómo la pandemia actual ha creado estrés mental y financiero en las vidas de nuestros estudiantes y nuestras familias. CCSD quiere asegurarles que aunque el año escolar ya terminó, nuestra principal prioridad sigue siendo la seguridad de nuestros estudiantes y nuestras familias. 

CCSD y su comunidad tienen recursos disponibles para ayudarlos a usted y a sus seres queridos. 

Si usted o alguien a quien conoce necesita ayuda o apoyo, ustedes pueden comunicarse con: 

  • SafeVoice: 1-833-216-SAFE (7233) para reportar anónimamente 
  • Policía de CCSD: 702-799-5411 
  • Equipo Móvil de Respuesta a Crisis: 702-486-7865 
  • Red Nacional de Prevención del Suicidio: 1-888-628-9454 (en español) o 
  • Red de Crisis de Nevada: 775-784-8090 

Por favor utilice la lista de recursos disponibles para responder en una situación de crisis que usted puede encontrar al hacer click aquí

Si alguna persona está pensando en hacerse daño, por favor llame al 1-800-628-9454. Por favor llame al 911 en una situación de emergencia inmediata. 

Gracias por su atención y esperamos que estos recursos asistan a las personas si surge la necesidad. 

Class of 2020 Distribution and Collection of Items: May 27 and May 28

CLASS OF 2020 DIRECTIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS FOR the Distribution and Collection of Senior Items: May 27 and May 28.


Wednesday ARRIVAL Appointments Alpha group Thursday ARRIVAL  Appointments Alpha group
MAY 27, 2020- 8:00 a.m. A- Bac May 28, 2020- 8:00 am Le- Lo
MAY 27, 2020- 8:30 a.m. Bad- Bl May 28, 2020- 8:30 am Lp- Mb
MAY 27, 2020- 9:00 am Bm- Burn May 28, 2020- 9:00 am Mc- Mon
MAY 27, 2020- 9:30 am Buro- Cham May 28, 2020- 9:30 am Moo- Nz
MAY 27, 2020- 10:00 am Chan- Co May 28, 2020- 10:00 am O- Pe
MAY 27, 2020- 10:30 am Cp- Dil May 28, 2020- 10:30 am Pf- Ram
MAY 27, 2020- 11:00 am Dim- En May 28, 2020- 11:00 am Ran- Rod
MAY 27, 2020- 11:30 am Eo- Foz May 28, 2020- 11:30 am Roe- Sand
MAY 27, 2020- 12:00 noon Fr- Gol May 28, 2020- 12:00 noon Sane- Sil
MAY 27, 2020- 12:30 pm Gom- Ham May 28, 2020- 12:30 pm Sim- Stef
MAY 27, 2020- 1:00 pm Han- Ht May 28, 2020- 1:00 pm Steg- Ton
MAY 27, 2020- 1:30 pm Hu- Jn May 28, 2020- 1:30 pm Too- Vie
MAY 27, 2020- 2:00 pm Jo- Ki May 28, 2020- 2:00 pm Vif- Wo
MAY 27, 2020- 2:30 pm Kj- Ld May 28, 2020- 2:30 pm Wp- Z