New car is necessity for teenage driver


By Lauren Smith

Illustration by Rachel Carroll, President of the National Arts Honors Society.
Illustration by Rachel Carroll, President of the National Arts Honors Society.

To some, turning 16  means mommy and daddy buying you your dream car. Just take a look in the school parking lot. It can often be mistaken for a luxury car dealership. If there isn’t a pearl white BMW parked in your driveway with a big bow on top, life is pretty much over, especially if it’s your birthday.

There are many factors to choosing a car, and parents just don’t get it. It is hard not to laugh when they even consider buying a used car. Used, more like embarrassing. One cannot simply win the respect and friendship of fellow peers while driving around a 2013 model year Audi A6. Oh, and don’t forget about color. Jet Black is too… well black. Alpine white is too predictable. Space Grey Metallic is the perfect color. The interior of your precious car should probably be Oyster  because who doesn’t love oysters? Speaking of interiors, heated leather seats are a must. It isn’t even possible to survive a Vegas winter without them.

Your first car should not be a gift to work for. Hello, most teens don’t even have a job. There is just no time for distractions like a part time job in high school. You have way bigger fish to fry. You and your BFF are fighting again. Your English teacher assigned homework over the weekend even though it’s your birththday. The nerve of some people. Actually, you do have to work. It is basically impossible to choose between the BMW X3 or the 7 series. This stressful decision can make or break the rest of your high school career.

There are some people who find it ridiculous that teens feel entitled to a car. This is only because they are jealous. It’s not that that you are entitled to a car, it’s just that you definitely deserve it. A squeaky clean school record proves this. You only have 15 absences in sixth period, and 34 tardies in first. Progress reports sent home last week show that you are only failing one class. That is the kind of work ethic that merits a new car.

Cars aren’t even that expensive compared to other things, like a house, which daddy promised to buy upon graduation from Yale. The BMW X3 only costs $45,000, and that’s basically a steal. Gas won’t be an issue. Your parents will fill up the car whenever necessary. Gas expenses only reach up to $150 per month. It costs $400 every time the car needs to go in for service, but that’s pretty cheap. Insurance for teenagers averages at $3,500 a year, but luxury vehicles have a higher premium. Insurance can be lowered for teens with a good academic record and safe driving habits. You have only rear- ended someone twice, three times if you count the hit and run last summer, so you will definitely qualify.

Don’t even worry about thanking your parents for everything they do. If they don’t buy you a car, they may not even love you. A loving parent wouldn’t let their child be seen driving around in anything less than the best. How humiliating would it be to have to explain to your “friends” that you didn’t get a car. So maybe cars are expensive, and a huge responsibility, but you deserve it. It’s only logic that newly sixteen year olds get a brand new car. This is Henderson, Nevada, not Pahrump. You have people to impress.