What locks say about personality


 By Saveria Farino

All showing off their unique hairstyles, Katelyn Virgen, Kaylee Heiny, and Olivia Yamamoto, freshmen, embrace their different locks and personalities. Photo by Saveria Farino
Showing off their unique hairstyles, freshmen Katelyn Virgen, Kaylee Heiny, and Olivia Yamamoto embrace their different looks and personalities. Photo by Saveria Farino

Different hairstyles can transform someone’s appearance from bold and edgy to soft and gentle, but the way you choose to wear your hair may also say something about your personality. Read on for some fun thoughts on what are your strands may say about your character.

People with curly hair tend to be fun-loving, warm hearted, and very creative. Curly-haired people are easily unfocused and can be very dramatic. People with curly locks who straighten their hair are looking to be calm, balanced, and in control of the chaos in their life.

Having straight hair shows a person is more serious and usually tends to play it safe. They are very organized, straight forward, and put together. People with sleek hair who enjoy curling it, are craving more fun and positivity in their lives.

Hair length can also dictate your personality. People with long hair are passionate, calm, and free spirited. Having short hair shows you are imaginative and expressive. Those who have layered hair can be perfectionists and are very good at staying focused on the task at hand.

Thick-haired people tend to be original, creative, and have high energy but sometimes people with this hefty hair can be stubborn. Having thin hair displays the delicate and sensitive sides of people’s personalities.

Those with multi-colored hair or out of the box, high-maintenance hairstyles tend to be self critical and anxious at times. The wearers of these unique hair-dos are young at heart, adventurous, and have no regard for what others think of them.

Whether your hair is curly or straight, thick or thin, long or short everyone has their own unique personality. How you choose to wear your hair may be an expression of this inner you.