How will the creation of unisex bathrooms affect society’s opinion on the LGBTQ+ community?



“I think this is the first step for LGBTQ+ community to be more accepted in our modern day society.” Chaz Lustig, 9

Emmanuel Gutierrez, 10 (1)

“I think it will make people more open minded and willing to accept change in the world.” Emmanuel Gutierrez, 10


“I don’t see the issue considering in other countries bathrooms are unisex. I think that the people who have an issue with equality and freedom to choose, should hold it. The fact that society is trying to be more accepting shows positive change in the world.” Georgia Price, 11


“I don’t know if it will affect society. It will be easier for LGBTQ+ individuals to not feel as different. They would feel more comfortable.” Janelle Rodriguez, 12