Prom royalty revealed


By Sage Tippie

Smiling wide after being crowned prom king and queen, Garrett Furlong and Eira Traficant pose for photos. (Photo by Mckenna Cooley)
Smiling wide after being crowned prom king and queen, Garrett Furlong and Eira Traficant pose for photos. (Photo by Mckenna Cooley)

With the prom court looking on in anticipation, Ms. Holyoak took the stage and announced this year’s prom king and queen, seniors Garrett Furlong and Eira Traficant, on Saturday, April 29 during the Masquerade Prom at Reflection Bay at Lake Las Vegas.

“Leading up to the announcement I was really nervous. When they announced my name, I was in a state of shock. I felt so honored that the student body chose me to win, and I couldn’t have been happier,” Traficant said.

The other members of prom court included Ryan Castellano, Jett Cooper, Andrew Ding, and John Donohue in running for prom king and Shelby Burdo, Jessica Darlington, Destiny Farley, and Gabrielle Rivera in running for prom queen.

“Being on prom court was an experience I’ll never forget. The results for prom court were surprising to me, but I’m pleased that I got to participate in one final act of school spirit before graduation,” Ding said.

Voting for the court was open to all seniors beginning on April 3, and final voting opened on April 17. During the week prior to prom, seniors wore their prom court sashes to campaign and popularize prom.

“My favorite part about being on prom court was wearing the sash around school, so a lot of new people approached me. Being on court was a great opportunity to show more school spirit. This experience allowed me to meet new people and be more involved, and I got to make more high school memories before graduation,” Darlington said.

This year’s prom theme was masquerade, chosen after Student Council voted on multiple options. Students showed up to dance, eat, and spend time with friends, celebrating their final year of high school.

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