Seven chilly treats to beat the heat


By Saveria Farino

In order to customize the perfect snowcone, Melissa Pressler, 12, reviews over the menu to find her favorite flavors. Photo by Saveria Farino
In order to customize the perfect snowcone, Melissa Pressler, 12, reviews over the menu to find her favorite flavors. Photo by Saveria Farino

The Vegas sun gives no mercy when it comes to the heat. As summer arrives the chances of a cloud filled day or the temperature dipping under 90-degrees are slim to none. Take on the heat with some cold treats to cool down.


With over 20 flavors and ten different cookie types, the combinations are endless. CREAM also offers vegan ice cream and gluten-free cookie options including snickerdoodles and “chocolate banana bliss” ice cream. CREAM offers everything from ice cream tacos, milkshakes, malts, sundaes, or a pint of ice cream to go.

Rolled Ice Cream

Rolling across the nation, the Rolled Ice Cream phenomena broke the internet with its participation in the “most satisfying” videos. This twist on the American Classic originated from dessert carts in the streets of Thailand. They’ve crafted their own flavors like “The Elvis” with house cream, peanut butter, banana, whipped cream, nutter butter, and the “Cereal N’ Cream,” which allows the customer free range in choosing the cereal in their ice cream. Rolled Ice Cream, located in Southern Summerlin, provides the experience of watching every step of the food making process and adds a twist to the average cup of ice cream.

Purple Penguin

Native Nevadans understand the hype behind what the average Joe believes to be just an ordinary snowcone. These snowy treats are offered in customizable combinations with over 40 flavors. For an additional fee, customers can add ice cream to the bottom of the snow cone or cream on the top. With three locations at the cross streets of Cactus and Decatur, Arroyo Grande and Horizon Ridge, and Mission Drive and Horizon Ridge, those who go opportunity to experience snow in the desert.

Sticks and Shakes

Cheesecake, gelato, and sorbets all have one thing in common: constriction to a utensil. Sticks and Shakes offer these pickings and all of their deliciousness on sticks, no fork required. Freshly made gelato and sorbet flavors, including Birthday Cake and Ferrero Rocher, can be topped in a drizzle or dip and finalized with sprinkles, nuts, or crumbled cookies. Vegan, gluten free, no sugar, and dairy free options are also available to accommodate all customers. The inventive snack bar also offers various shakes; choose from a list of add ins or have it flavored with a candybar.    

Crepeshack & Waffles

These Japanese style crepes are the first of their kind to hit the Las Vegas Valley. Combining fresh fruit, various toppings and ice cream all rolled up into a crepe cone, these delicate delights can make a hot day a little bit sweeter. Add ins include fruit and the option of whipped cream or nonfat yogurt. Crepe Shack also has multiple shelves with different board games for customers to play while they eat.

Rita’s Italian Ice

Italian Ice is a rare treat that has not seen much popularity on the west coast, but thanks to Rita’s it’s making an appearance. This east coast delicacy is available on both ends of the valley, Rainbow and W. Lake Mead and Sunset and Stephanie. With the motto, “Ice, Custard, Happiness,” Rita’s offers unique sweet treats from assorted styles of ices to custard cakes and cookie sandwiches.

Nielsen’s Frozen Custard

Frozen custard is a thick, smooth style of ice cream with less air and a fresher taste as compared to its doppelganger, ice cream. The “concretes” come in over 25 flavors. Customers can add nuts, desgin personal creations, and take their treat home in a pint or quart.

Enjoy these frozen snacks sandwiched, rolled, shaved, or on a stick. Don’t give in to the heat and spend these hot months scooping up some flavorful treats.