Week of Respect promotes appreciation, kindness


By Ryan Kelleher

To show their appreciation to teachers and one another, sophomores Emily Etherington and Hayden Dungan write thoughtful notes in English class. Photo courtesy Ryan Kelleher.0

The counselor’s office and Student Council will host multiple school wide activities to promote respect and anti-bullying from Oct. 2-6 to observe the Week of Respect.

Each day of the week will have events and activities in which students and teachers can show appreciation and respect to one another. Clubs and organizations will also host events and prepare videos in which students can learn about being an upstander and how to honor one another. Additionally, the student body president, Tyler Cenname, 12, will also share a morning thought with the school about respecting and honoring teachers, staff, parents and one another.  

“I think it’s important we learn about being an upstander because being a bystander to bullying allows the problem to continue. Those who are upstanders confront the issue head on and defend the victim instead of doing nothing,” Parker Martin, freshman, said.  

On Monday, a video about showing respect will air during the morning announcements. At lunch, StuCo members will give out blue upstander ribbons to students, and cheerleaders will perform in the quad.

Student leaders will hand out flowers with meaningful quotes and messages tied to them on Tuesday along with the Walk out on Bullying student walk. After school, students can pay $1 to walk the field in order to promote anti-bullying. All proceeds from the walk will benefit the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation.

In English classes on Wednesday, students will write letters to teachers and faculty to show their appreciation to them. Students are also welcome to write letters for one another. Also on Wednesday, students can go online and take the upstander pledge at http://ccsd.net/upstander.

Whichever participating school in the district receives the most pledges will earn an award and recognition. All students are encouraged to take the pledge and become an upstander.

“I really enjoy writing thoughtful notes to my teachers and my friends. It’s fun to reflect on my friends and teachers to see how much they do for me. Receiving notes from my friends also makes my day,” Madisyn Selva, sophomore, said.

On Thursday, theater will put on anti-bully plays for the student body to watch throughout the school day. At both lunches, student government will dare students to perform a kind act for someone, and in turn will receive a Coronado shirt.  

“I’m most excited for the anti-bully plays theater will be putting on. The plays are always fun and have a good message,” Sydney Kennedy, junior, said.

The second part to the respect video will air on the announcements on Friday. Stuco asks staff members and students to also wear blue on Friday to promote being an upstander.  

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