What does respect mean to you?


“Appreciating and considering who a person is, and doing a favor for not only them, but you, is respect.” Ryan Barish, 9

“Respect means someone who treats you well. When somebody notices I’m not having a good day and they talk to me to help me feel better, I think that’s respect.” Jade Sherrill, 10

“Respect to me is realizing that everybody is living their own lives and that your kindness to them is just as important as their kindness to you.” Haig Keylian, 11

“Respect means equal treatment, giving someone a chance to be heard when you don’t want to listen and setting our ego aside in order to prioritize someone else’s feelings. I think that there is more of a perspective. Like having a conversation instead of a one-sided debate. Respect helps with the comprehension and understanding others perspectives.” Zoe Tinson, 12