Make-up: luxurious or low cost


By Allison Gray

Out with the old; in with the new. Drugstore makeup was so seventh grade; luxury makeup is here to fulfill all your beauty desires. Feel confident and look good doing it while wearing glamorous high-end makeup.

Makeup that is reliable and able to hide every blemish without causing acne to flare up is hard to find, but when it is, it works wonders. Although high-end cosmetics can be expensive, they are worth the pretty penny. Drugstore products are cheaper, but high-end brands last longer. Luxurious makeup brands have increased pigmentation for better color turn out which creates less product waste. With luxury brands, there is a larger variety of colors and styles to choose from. It’s better to have the ideal lipstick than settle for a “cheaper” product that lasts half the time and doesn’t look as fabulous.

Walking into a mall and not knowing which products to buy is overwhelming. High-end stores, like Sephora and ULTA offer makeup consultants to help with all beauty needs. Makeup specialist are not required to be licensed, but employers prefer to hire makeup artists with experience or a license. Assistants help customers through foundation matching and answering questions to help personalize a routine that works just for them. Most products are available for testing at Sephora, MAC, and Macy’s where at drug stores, products just sit on the shelf, untouched and unable to be opened in their plastic packages. High-end stores allow customers to try on any product they wish and guarantee return policies if customers are not completely satisfied.

Buying these prominent brands gives customers a taste of a luxurious lifestyle. They feel good that they indulged in their favorite cosmetic, and it leaves them feeling proud that they treated themselves to something they love. Even though high end makeup may be pricey, drug stores still have a range of expensive brands to buy from. “Emani matte foundation” which can be found at Target is $34 and NARS foundation, a brand found at Sephora, ranges from $45 to $47. If feeling extravagant takes a little more time and money, let it be. Feeling confident and bold is the newest fashion statement.  

Makeup can make anyone feel more confident. People feel glamorous putting on their new mascara or lipstick. Makeup is a form of self expression, and no one should have to go through the trouble of buying drugstore makeup when the perfect luxury makeup kit is waiting at the Sephora counter.

By Kiara Talley

People don’t need designer-brand makeup to look or feel the way they want to. Confidence can come with easy to use makeup. Drugstore makeup can give a makeover that lasts all day and looks amazing.

Cosmetics that are trustworthy, long-lasting, and beautiful are easier to find than expected. Basic drugstore brands like CoverGirl and L’Oréal are highly fashionable, ethical, and reliable because of their amazing sensitive skin formulas, there is no worry about a blemish breakout. Their colors can range from bright and bubbly spring colors to dark and fierce fall colors. Plentiful amounts of mascaras, lipsticks, and eyeshadows are offered throughout the aisles of many drugstores. These brands are simple to find and easy to use in a fashion emergency.

It makes life so much easier to go into any convenience store, like Walmart, Walgreens or CVS, to be able to get high quality makeup at a low price. There is no stress or the feeling of being overwhelmed when trying to find the right store with the right makeup and prices. Finding good makeup is hard, and those irritating makeup specialists hovering over anyone trying to look for makeup doesn’t make it any easier. Although there aren’t makeup testers in drug stores, there are still return policies. Rite-Aid, Target, and CVS all have return policies for used and opened makeup for those unsatisfied with their makeup purchases.

Buying name-brand cosmetics is expensive enough without the Kylie Cosmetics lip kits starting at $36 and Rihanna’s Fenty Line’s foundation starting at $34. The same shades and textures that these celebrity brand makeup lines use, can easily be found in drugstore brands. Rimmel has lip gloss similar to Kylie Jenner’s that is only $4 and Maybelline has the “Fit Me” foundation that is only $7.99. No one should have to spend more than $10

These popular types of luxuries are not the only type of makeup that can make people feel beautiful. Drugstore brand makeup is just as reliable, fabulous, and is much cheaper than the over-priced makeup brands found at Sephora and other high end stores.