Golden Knights recognize Mr. Anderson


By Maddie Baker

After being awarded the grant for his class at the Golden Knights game, Mr. Anderson takes a selfie with the team’s mascot, Chance the Gila monster. Photo courtesy of Mr. Anderson

The T-Mobile Arena is packed with hockey fans, and a timeout is called; suddenly overhead on the jumbotron there is Coronado’s very own AP Psychology teacher Mr. Anderson. During the hockey game on Sunday, Feb. 11, the Golden Knights recognized Mr. Anderson as part of their Game Changer program. The program’s goal is to recognize and reward selected CCSD teachers with $1,000 grants.

“I’m honored simply because the nomination came from students – students who appreciate what they’re learning in my class,” Mr. Anderson said. “That makes me happy. It was awesome to represent our school at the game.”

The $1,000 grant will go towards improving his classroom.. Anderson wants the students to help him decide what to do with the money, so he is having them create a competition for extra credit where they submit ideas on how to make learning in his classroom more efficient.

“I think it’s great that the new hockey team is trying to be involved in key elements in the community like schools and doing a fabulous job recognizing teachers who don’t often get recognition,” Ms. Harper, assistant principal, said.

Two students anonymously nominated Mr. Anderson for this award. To nominate a teacher, students must explain why he or she should win the prize and include any additional information as to why that person is an inspirational teacher. Any potential nominees must currently teach in CCSD.

“Mr. Anderson is witty and wise, and he knows what’s best for a student’s education,” Brooks Sanderson, senior, said. “His passion is expressed through his devotion to teaching and through his delivery. Every lesson is a blast which actually has me walking out of the class applying his lessons to real life and changing because of it. He is unique and an exciting person to listen to.”

There will be four recipients at the Golden Knights home games this season. The first recipient, on Tuesday, Feb. 6, was Lisa Withrow from Valley High School. Anderson, chosen out of hundreds of nominations, was the second. The Knights will recognize two more during the season.

“I feel like a lot of other teachers in the building who do as much or more than I do deserve this type of recognition,” Mr. Anderson said. “I wish all of us could go to a hockey game honoring the school and all their hard work.”

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