Students choose next year’s electives


By Samantha Catalano

Filling out the Google form for the 2019-2020 school year, junior Roby Tan carefully chooses her top six electives. Photo by Samantha Catalano

Today is the last day for students to choose next year’s electives. The 2019-2020 course catalog displays all the possible electives and prerequisites available for the coming school year. From learning a new language to box jumping in CrossFit, the school has many options from which to choose.

“It is nice to choose your electives because it gives you something to look forward to,” junior Maya Flores said.

Throughout January, February and March, counselors will pull students out of class in order to plan for next year. They will discuss any concerns or questions students may have about core classes and electives.

“It’s super easy to choose my electives with the Google form,” junior Robert Britt said. “Whenever I am unsure of what to take, my counselor always helps me figure everything out.”

To select your electives, log on to your Google email provided by the school, and click on the email that your counselor sent during winter break. The first link provides the elective choices and the course catalog. Then use this link to choose your elective courses for your 2019-2020 year. You will get to choose your top six electives.

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