Who is your female role model?


“Oprah Winfrey is my female role model because she is a living legend, she inspires other people, and is a good businesswoman.” Beau Ramos, 9

“My female role model is Demi Lovato because she shows strength in everything she does and inspires me to always try my best. She has been through a lot of stuff and has always proved to push through it. This reminds me to get through everyday with a smile on my face and that nothing is too hard.” Bella Dye, 10

“I look up to Harriet Tubman because she was very determined to help many live a safe life and find freedom.” Arzam Izadi, 11

“Ada Lovelace is my role model because her work is really inspiring and she was one of the first women to work with mathematics and computers, which is something I want to go into.” Noel Tran, 12