Downloading: these not so awful games


By Wyatt Boyle

Taking forever/ Downloading the iOS game “Red Ball Trash” junior Cassidy Husson eagerly waits for the game to finish installing. “Red Ball Trash” is available on the Apple Appstore for free. Photo by Wyatt Boyle

Finding a new game to play on mobile can be challenging, and looking at the same popular games topping the charts can get boring. There is no way to sort by the “worst” on the app store, but if there was, these games would be the best off that list. The games that made this list have less than 150 reviews, a general one star rating or are an obvious rip-off of another game.

“Red Ball Trash”

It’s best not to expect much from a game that uses Microsoft clip art for some of its designs, but this game is surprisingly solid. The goal of the game is to shoot balls out of a cannon and score points by getting them into a bin. The controls of the game are fine, but broken physics make the balls bounce back and forth in random directions. There’s also a certain rage-inducing way the basket moves back and forth, giving “Red Ball Trash” some oddly entertaining gameplay.

“One Touch Snooker”

One Touch Snooker is the best place to practice clutch 8-ball shots. However, the controls are rough because there isn’t much room to drag the stick back. Occasionally, it feels like the ball doesn’t always stop moving before the game thinks it does, but aside from that the game is underrated. The physics are fine, and the graphics are bright and simple. Combined with the straightforward gameplay, and how it can salvage 8-ball games, “One Touch Snooker” is worth checking out.


With one update, this game would lose its status as a “bad game.” It has charming music and throwbacks to the 1980s “Alien Invader” with a binary code that flashes on the screen. Its fatal flaw is that the controls do not work. The control stick doesn’t always operate properly, and the game is nearly unplayable because of it. Everything else gameplay-wise is fine, as there aren’t any broken physics or random elements, but its controls have earned it a spot on this list.


Bricks is the same thing as Atari Breakout, but with a few more features. One of these features is the optional falling powerups to catch which adds a challenge to the game by increasing the amount of things the player needs to micromanage. Its harder to maneuver the platform the ball bounces off of, and the gravity in this game is questionable. The graphics and patterns are a more updated and fun version of Atari’s, but that doesn’t excuse its poor mechanics.


IQ tests are so 1900’s, so take this “stupid” test instead. Answer simple math questions within a short time span such as two plus two and aim for the result of “stupid,” “dumb” or “moron.” With failure to answer a question correctly, or on time, comes a generally annoying sound that encourages players to beat their high-score. If there wasn’t an ad after every single attempt of playing the game, this app would be perfect.

Even though there are tons of other things to play like “Clash Royale”, “Geometry Dash” or all of Nintendo’s mobile stuff, it’s nice to take a break and beat some “friends” in games that everyone is sure to hate. Just keep in mind, these games will probably be hard to play for more than a few minutes.

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