Dance students shine at showcase


By Valerie Perez

Pirouette/ Completing a pirouette during her solo, senior Amy Chairuangdej smiles with passion. The Cougarettes and dance students of all levels performed in the Winter Dance Showcase. Photo by Ryan Salmon

The Cougarettes and dance students of all levels performed in the Winter Dance Showcase in the theater on Thursday, Nov. 7 and Friday, Nov. 8. The show raised money towards the dance and Cougarette programs.

“I’m very proud of all of my dancers especially my Dance II class because this is their first time choreographing their own dance, and they did a great job,” dance coach Mrs. Emigh said. “I’m very excited to see them perform their dances that they’ve been working so hard on.”

The Cougarettes started choreographing their own group dances and duets to perform for the show’s Jungle theme starting on Thursday, Oct. 24. Dance II and III students also created choreography for group performances. Dance I students learned the choreography from Mrs. Emigh.

“Spacing and finding choreography that everyone is comfortable with is a challenge, but it was still so much fun to create,” Brooks Jarvis, sophomore, said. “It made me feel like I was contributing to the class, and it helped me improve as a leader.”

The dancers used remixes and mashups like “Bounce Back” by Big Sean and exotic themed songs like “In the Jungle” from the movie “The Lion King.” They also wore coordinating outfits to their chosen song such as animals like cheetahs, koalas and lions. 

“I was a little nervous performing because I heard my name being called out, and my heart started pounding,” sophomore Heaven Brown said. “I remembered all of the choreography because I practiced really hard to make sure I wouldn’t forget it.”

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