Bowling strikes out


By Neesa Vang

New beginning/ Phoebe Mauriello strives for a strike at their first match against Sierra Vista on Monday, Dec. 2. The women’s varsity bowling team scored 1530-2019 points in the first game of the season. Photo courtesy of Coach Leonard

Men’s varsity bowling lost 1834-2147 against Sierra Vista at Sunset Station Strike Zone on Monday, Dec. 2. The women’s varsity team lost 1530-2019 against Sierra Vista. Top score from that night was from Jeffrey Gerardo making 508 points for men’s varsity team. 

“The bowling team will be focusing on keeping their head in the game and maintaining focus in the next game,” Coach Leonard said.

In the second game of the week, the men’s and women’s team played against Green Valley at Sunset Strike Zone on Wednesday, Dec. 4. Mia Hamilton was the MVP of the night scoring 437 points. Women’s varsity bowling team lost to the Gators 1549-1711 points, while men’s varsity had a close game 1507-1578 points. 

“One thing the team needs to improve on as the season progresses is consistency,” Coach Leonard said. “The point difference between games is too high and we need to close that gap.”