US News ranks Nevada schools


By Ellis Sondrup 

Ranking!/ Coronado High School places sixth best school in Clark County by US News. US News rates schools based on multiple test scores and other aspects. Photo by Kiley Brown

At the end of each educational year, schools receive a state and national ranking. In the latest rating, Coronado High School placed 12th in Nevada and sixth in Clark County, according to US News.

US News sorts schools based on college readiness, math and reading proficiency and performance, underserved student performance, college curriculum breadth, and graduation rate. Coronado boasts a 47% APⓇ participation rate, and those students rank in the 88.3 percentile nationally on their APⓇ Exams. 

“Being ranked 12th in the state actually surprised me,” junior Pilar Cohen said. “I know the students work really hard, but I always assumed we were most likely in the top five.” 

Coronado has a 95% graduation rate, yet it falls behind the career and technical academies, arts magnet schools and northern Nevada high schools in state rankings. However, Coronado carries the largest student body out of the top 15 state schools, outnumbering the closest competitor by over 1,500 students. 

“I think we deserved the ranking,” senior RaeAnne Zobel said. “Even though I am going to college I’m glad we earned that ranking because I know my friends and family will be able to get a good education from Coronado.” 

National rankings are also released with the state rankings. Coronado placed #1,470 out of 17,792 high schools across America which puts Coronado in the top ten percentile of high schools across the country.