Longterm online school alters learning


By Myleigh Amrhein

Bring it on/ Finishing up some homework, sophomore Olivia Amrhein heads into her canvas to submit some assignments. Canvas is being used in all classes for a place to find assignments and turn in assignments. Photo by Myleigh Amrhein

Everyone has mixed emotions about online school this year. Last year when they cancelled school, everyone was excited, but now students are ready to go back. Last year everyone seemed happy that the work was done, and it meant a longer spring break, but now, students are increasingly behind.

There are a few different long term effects-some negative, some positive and some are still unknown. One effect that is still up for debate is the fact that everyone is now home, and there is a lot more family time. With online school students now depend on their families as their social group, so events such as eating lunch are now always a family affair. For students this can be used as a bonding experience for their siblings, it can also be used for developing a totally different relationship. Those who have younger siblings are now expected to become the teachers, so there is just never an escape from one another. There may be some pretty intense arguing throughout the day, but at least it’s time spent together.  

“Personally I think that online school has given me a chance to spend more time with my family and allows me to grow a closer relationship,” junior Summer Raines said. “Although overall I think online has a negative effect especially for the younger kids because learning basic knowledge is very difficult to do online. The parents also have difficulties helping kids with their homework and getting the kids in classes when they have to work, so this leaves older siblings to help.”

Another issue with online learning; it doesn’t cover all of the different learning styles for students. Some people do better than others while learning online, but some struggle with this form of education. Online school is more about reading and answering, and there is much less opportunity for help from teachers or peers. Doug Lederman went and talked to a few different s students going to college and talked to their professors. The professors said that online school has benefitted the readers positively, but for others they wanted more human interaction. Students can read about what the professors said. Sometimes there are videos students can watch which may help with different learning styles because then they can see things happening and can listen to it happening. The students that learn hands on are having difficulty because there is often nothing hands on with online learning.

“Learning online is a big change for everyone,” junior, Kat Miranda said. “Especially with teachers since all assignments and lessons basically go through Canvas now, they’ve had to alter how they teach tremendously.”

When doing online school, students don’t get to see their friends. In this article it states that human interaction is needed for school Studying the Long-Term Effects of Online Education – Dwyer Education Strategies, Inc. . In the article it also states “Sherry Turkle’s 2011 book Alone Together analyzes how the rapid influx of technology has dramatically altered human communication.”  When learning online, students may struggle with having little interaction with others; there is very limited social contact. This can greatly affect students’ mental health. Without seeing and conversing with, school is much less enjoyable, and the more fun parts are lost. 

“I think some of the long term effects is the lack of social contact with other students could be harmful to mental health,” sophomore AJ Victorivich said.

There are many different long term effects from online school, some not all bad and some not all good. It is very difficult for some and easier for others, but in the end we will all make it through this together (virtually).

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Myleigh Amrhein is a Junior, and this is her second year on “The Roar” staff. Myleigh is also in teaching and training 3 at school. She works at Chick-fil-A, so she spends her time there or hanging out with her friends from work. She also spends her extra time hanging out with her family and playing with her dogs. She loves photography and loves to take pictures of her friends and family.