Cool down from the Vegas heat


By Myleigh Amrhein

Brrr/ Taking a break from the Vegas heat, Junior Shaun Mathew goes snowboarding in Mt. Charleston with his family. Mt. Charleston is a great place to cool off and enjoy snow activities. Photo courtesy of Shaun Mathew.

Winter is a time where families spend quality time with each other by sledding and building snowmen. Children often enjoy drinking a warm cup of hot cocoa after a long day in the snow. Snowball fights are a fan favorite, but not for Las Vegans. Nevada rarely has any snow, and when there is, it doesn’t stick around for too long. Vegas doesn’t have all the snow activities, but there are still ways to make it feel like winter.

If people want to go sledding, skiing or snowboarding, there are places where they can do so. Surrounding states such as Utah and Arizona may have snow where people can engage in these specific winter activities. Closer to Vegas is Mount Charleston where there may be some snow when the weather actually gets cold enough. 

“During winter, I always enjoy going up to Utah to go snowboarding with my family,” Junior Camryn Gurr said  “Brian Head is one of our favorite places to go to.“

However, there is a lot more to winter than just the snow, and for Las Vegas natives, they know the benefit of enjoying some activities year round. Teenagers can do things outside as they normally would in the warmer months because it never gets too cold. 

Families and teenagers can act as tourists for the day and go visit the Strip. Whether it’s visiting one of the many hotels or walking along the strip outside, there is so much to explore. There are many attractions like the Bellagio fountain show or the Botanical Gardens. There are also ample stores to discover and shop in. Taking pictures is a fan favorite, specifically at the Las Vegas sign; it’s always a good option with friends and family.

“My family and I like to walk around the strip and through the casinos,” Sophomore Olivia Amrhein said “My family has stayed at a hotel on the strip twice this winter.” 

Teenagers can also participate in other activities indoors such as shopping. There are so many different places where people can go walk around and browse with friends. There are many malls and outlets such as Galleria mall, Town Square, The District and more. Malls and shopping areas also have many good places to eat. There are food courts with many different options, or there are restaurants that people can go to and dine in. 

Winter is also an excellent time to go for hikes because it is not too hot, and it won’t be so busy. Places such as Boulder City canyon, Mt. Charleston, Red Rock Canyon, the Valley of Fire or Lee Canyon offer hikes for everyone ranging in different difficulty. There are so many different places where people can explore the outdoors right on the outskirts of the city.

“During the winter my family and I go up to Mt. Charleston to have fun and play in the snow,” Junior Shaun Mathew said. “ Sometimes we go camping; other times we go for a hike and build snowmen. This year we decided to snowboard which was amazing.” 

Las Vegas may not have the typical winter weather, but there are other exciting and adventurous activities that other places don’t have during the cold months. Winter gives Vegas locals a break from the scorching weather and helps everyone to cool down a bit. Don’t forget to mask up.

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Myleigh Amrhein is a Junior, and this is her second year on “The Roar” staff. Myleigh is also in teaching and training 3 at school. She works at Chick-fil-A, so she spends her time there or hanging out with her friends from work. She also spends her extra time hanging out with her family and playing with her dogs. She loves photography and loves to take pictures of her friends and family.