Trashy TV shows, ranked


by Aubree Gearhart

Gettin’ Hot// Too Hot To Handle a reality TV show where “hot” singles are thrown on an island where they believe they are just destined to find true love. We all know they’re really looking for money, not love. (Photo by Aubree Gearhart)

Trashy TV is known to be cringe-worthy, but at a certain point, things are so atrocious that they somehow wind up being enjoyable. Frankly while watching some of these shows viewers get secondhand embarrassment, so how people can genuinely enjoy watching these is beyond me. That said, here’s a list of the top 5 trashiest TV shows. 

Are You the One? (MTV)

Are You The One originally streamed on MTV, but it can also be viewed on Netflix. In the show,  

contestants are put through an extensive matchmaking process which includes things such as meeting with matchmakers, compatibility testing, meeting with contestants’ friends and families, and even their exes. Talk about prying into someone’s life. After all of this insane testing they are able to be on the show where they are supposed to find their “perfect match” with ten chances to pair up to their mystery pick. If contestants are unable to do so, not only will they leave the show “in love” (if thats what you want to call it), they will also leave with 1 million dollars. The real question is if they’re doing this for the “love” or the money. Falling in love on a reality show is definitely the way to build a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette (ABC) 

The Bachelor/Bachelorette that originally aired on ABC can also be streamed on Netflix. The Bachelor is probably one of the most well-known and frankly overrated reality TV shows of all time. Need I explain the show? I’m sure we all know what happens in this show by now, Michelle gets upset that Matt didn’t give her the rose and she goes home sobbing in the back of a big black limousine. Vice Versa with The Bachelorette, Matt gets irate that Michelle picked Nick over him and picks a fight and goes home screaming about how he’s better for Stacy and blah blah blah. It truly seems more embarassing than breaking up in a normal way, I mean do we really need to do this on national televinsion for everyone to see?

Keeping up with the Kardashians (E!)

The Kardashians are easily one of the richest and most spoiled families known to man. The Kardashian family is quite the kick. With their big salads and all their family drama they sure know how to entertain, if you’re into that kind of thing. The show has been made into several viral jokes throughout its numerous seasons. Losing an earring in the ocean is such an overwhelming tragedy afterall. Starvation in other countries hardly compares.  Although the show was taken off air a few years ago, the Kardashian’s lavish and dramtic lifestyle makes them (unfortunately) unforgettable. 

Too Hot to Handle (Netflix)

Similar to Are You The One, this show also take a bunch of single people and dumps them on an island together and allows them battle to the death with nothing but their good looks, scandalous swimwear and what could maybe be considered a personality. Naturally, everyone thinks they’re meant to find a soulmate on reality TV show. Frankly, I think this is the best way to find love. We should put everyone on an island and convince them that their soulmate is with them and all they have to do is figure out who it is. Cause that’s definitely what true love is– it’s never been about money!

The Circle (Netflix) 

Now I know I’ve been pretty harsh on most of these shows, and in all fairness that was all just in good humour (partially). The Circle is actually the one on this list that, if I’m being honest, I have quite enjoyed. The Circle is a social media-based game where players are put into isolation and are only able to communicate within messages and group chats. The catch is that players do not have to play as themselves. If they choose, they can catfish the other players. Not only is this an option, but on the daily, players must rank each other solely based on photos that have been posted to their feed, bonds they have made over DM’s, gut feelings on who’s a catfish and who isn’t, and who is likeable enough. You can’t be too likable or else you’re “sus.”

Clearly, reality TV can be brutal especially when you have people that think they’re really going to find their soulmate on a reality TV show, but to each their own. If you think finding your next boo thang on a television show  is the thing for you then by all means go ahead. The entire world would love to air out your dirty laundry. Doesn’t mean we won’t get secondhand embarrassment for you. 

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