Key Club takes on RTC

Positivity All the Way// Drawing and decorating positive messages, Key Club members Emma Okamura and Caleb Ryu work together to break the ice and meet new people.Okamura and Ryu had the opportunity to collaborate with other schools such as Green Valley High School to learn the importance of volunteer clubs. (Photo courtesy of Emma Okamura).

by: Taina Queiroz Fonseca

On Saturday, October 29th, members from Coronado’s Key Club got the opportunity to attend RTC or Regional Training Conference. It took place at Green Valley High School from 8 am-8 pm. Members went to learn more about what it takes to run a volunteering club and partake in ‘spirit battles’ where different clubs perform their loudest chants. In addition, members got to meet new people from different schools and attended informative workshops such as membership development, fundraising, and district project workshops. 

“My favorite part of RTC was the spirit battles and, in general, the environment because everyone had high energy and spirit,” Senior Caleb Ryu said. “It was very exhilarating,”

Getting involved in community service is not only a means to look better on college applications; it’s about giving back to the community and expanding empathy and leadership skills. Within the Coronado community, a few clubs are outstanding and giving back, and Key Club is one of them.

Key Club is an international student-led volunteering organization striving to serve others. There are many divisions and regions based on the location of each Club, and Coronado’s Key Club is part of the California-Nevada-Hawaii district, division 28, and region 5, with a Panda as the Mascot. 

Not only was RTC an excellent opportunity for members to learn more about taking the initiative and helping others, but it was also an excellent opportunity to meet new people. In addition, members were able to connect with other clubs and help each other find new ways to help the community. 

“I learned how to approach things to change things for the better,” Ryu said. “It doesn’t have to be big, but I learned that I could make a change if I took the initiative. I also met some new people, although I’m not outgoing. It was nice because I had fun with the people I didn’t know.” 

Though they aren’t a key-making club, they do open doors in our community. After RTC, Key Club is more than ready to bring what they’ve learned to more volunteering opportunities.

Members who attended RTC will also get an opportunity to attend the Fall rally at Six Flags. At Fall Rally, members will get to experience motivational programs, participate in Division Spirit Rally, meet new people, support the Pediatric Trauma Program, and show their Key Club spirit!