Varsity Women’s Basketball

Game On// Coronado’s Women’s Varsity Basketball team face of against Centennial High School. This was Coronado’s first time attending a championship game. (Photo courtesy of AJ Wick.)

by Brianna Gracia

Coronado’s Women’s Varsity Basketball team took on Centennial High School in a heated state championship game. Though they brought their boundless, competitive spirit, Centennial shot out the Cougars with a final score of 59-20. 

 The game was tight for the first half. Coronado and Centennial continue to remain on each other’s tail, never faltering or getting behind. The pressure was on, especially because this was the first time Coronado had the honor of attending the championship. 

“We tried to leave everything on the court, especially the seniors, because that would be our last game together,” said senior Gabriella De La Cruz. “We were just really glad we’d gotten to that point and got to go to the championship.” 

Come the second half, things began to take a turn. Soon, it became clear that Centennial did not come to mess around. The chances of catching up to Centennial were small, but that didn’t put out the spark in Coronado’s Women’s Varsity Basketball team. 

“They really just outran us,” De La Cruz said. “I think even so, we were really good at being there for each other and working as a team.” 

Though Coronado may not have taken home the win this time, they certainly didn’t leave empty-handed. It took a long, hard season of teamwork, determination, perseverance, and grit – something our Cougars pride themselves on. Making it to the championship game is no easy feat, but Coronado athletics continues to impress.