Aubree’s guide to local coffee favorites

Coffee Coffee Coffee// Calling all coffee lovers! If you love coffee as much as the Gilmore Girls here are three coffee shops you should try! (Photos by Aubree Gearhart)

by Aubree Gearhart

Over the past several years, drinking coffee from a locally owned shop has been all the craze. There’s just something about it that is so much better than your average Starbucks. Whether that be the aesthetic of the locally-owned shops or the fact that the coffee tastes better, locally-owned coffee shops are a win in my book. This is why I would like to highlight the top five locally-owned coffee shops in the Las Vegas Valley. 

1.Bad Owl Coffee 

Bad Owl Coffee, located on Eastern in the same parking lot as Trader Joe’s, is a local coffee shop in Henderson. The shop is owned by Annie Cheng. Bad Owl coffee is considered a “local” coffee shop and the owner has extended its horizons into different parts of Las Vegas with two other Vegas locations as well as the big city of Chicago. Bad Owl coffee is a “dark academia” and Harry Potterthemed shop with a Harry Potter-themed menu, which features Butter Brew which is named after the famous drink from the Harry Potter Series known as Butter Beer. Although the drink has “beer” in its title, it is a completely non-alcoholic drink. The Butter Brew according to the Bad Owl menu, is “our most popular drink, topped with our house sweet cream and cocoa. Does not contain espresso.” 

2.Coffee N Rock 

Coffee N Rock is owned by Albert Vanheesch. The rock music-themed coffee shop is known for its accent wall with a mural of The Beatles vibrantly painted on it. Coffee N Rock is located on East Silverado Ranch Blvd. The locally-owned cafe not only has coffee and other drinks but food items such as pastries and sandwiches. 

3.Baguette Cafe

French-themed and owned coffee shop, Baguette Cafe is a Vegas-owned shop with two locations in Las Vegas. The Henderson location is located on Eastern in the same parking lot as Smiths, and the Sunset location is located on Sunset Road. The local shop is owned by Olivier Brouillet. The menu for the beautiful french style cafe has various items to choose from, with everything one could think of from coffee to Quiche. 

These cafes and coffee shops are all very aesthetically pleasing not only by the way they look but also by their menus. If you have time to stop into one or all three of these locations I highly recommend stopping in.

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