Senior Spotlight: Leahrose Schinzel

Prom queen, high school dream//Styling her lilac dress and prom queen crown, Leahrose Schinzel stands ecstatic on prom night. She spent the night going out to eat, dancing with friends, and taking pictures to make those memories last forever. (Photos courtesy Leahrose Schinzel)

by Tainá Queiroz Fonseca

When thinking of an accomplished senior at Coronado, Leahrose Schinzel comes to mind. With her heavy involvement with the school and her community, she is sure to stand out. What she’s most recognized for though, is her continuous involvement in Coronado’s leadership team and arts department. 

Leahrose is the senior class president for the class of 2023. She’s a member of Hope Squad, and Coronado’s highest level choir, the Chamber Madrigals choir. When reflecting on her favorite high school memories, Leahrose settled on her senior homecoming. 

“StuCo is at school every year for about 18 hours during Hoco Day, and it’s so exhausting but so worth every minute,” Leahrose said. “From the assembly, to the game, to the bash, and hoco royalty, it’s all such a special event that makes everyone feel at home at Coronado.”

Not only was homecoming a big day for Leahrose, but her senior prom was also a night to remember. As the DJ lowered the music for an announcement, and the dance floor went still, it was revealed that Leahrose had won prom queen-Another grand high school memory for Leahrose to look back on. 

Her leadership and her hard work throughout the year did not go unnoticed by colleges either. Leahrose received a full academic tuition scholarship from Southern Utah University, where she plans to major in Biology with a double minor in music and theater arts.

“My greatest achievement would have to be my full-ride academic tuition scholarship that I received from my future college, due to becoming a part of the presidential Ambassador team,” Schinzel continued. 

Presidential Ambassadors are a group of highly qualified students whose jobs are to represent their university. This position is an honor to receive and these students will hold many responsibilities 

Coronado is proud to have fostered this inspiring young woman during all four years of high school and will be cheering her own as she continues her education. 


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