All I Want For Christmas is Answers


All I Want For Christmas Is Answers//Mariah Carey lies in wait as her frozen prison defrosts. Luckily for her, and unluckily for parents everywhere, her time has come to be free for another month. (Photo by AJ Staleri)

All I Want For Christmas is Answers

By AJ Anderson

That time of year has arrived–she’s defrosting. 54-year-old Mariah Carey remains forever young using the power of holiday music. Each year, she returns from the ice to take over any available media with her Christmas album, featuring the main event, “All I Want For Christmas is You.” The woman seems to disappear from the public eye until late October and early November when her defrosting begins. 

On November 1st, the music appears. Do not fear the spooky season’s abrupt close, this song is here to continue the haunt. Halloween has passed, and Thanksgiving has yet to arrive. This means nothing to the monster of Mariah. She’ll take over anything in her path of defrosting, and the storm that comes when she’s free is unmatched. Stores and radios make her wish come true as the public prepares to spend the next two months hearing the same four songs on repeat.

Mariah Carey’s power is limited at this time. Vague background music with her voice haunts Targets and radio stations, but she is simply warming up. Some fear this musical takeover, but others shine through to support Mariah. These people have managed to look past the repetitive music and genuinely enjoy the spirit of the season. Still, that love of Christmas music typically dies before the holiday even comes.

Mariah Carey defrosts early in the season in order to release other songs from their festive prisons in time for the holidays. From “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town”, to “Silent Night”, seasonal songs wait patiently for her to defrost so they may wreak havoc on the public with her at the helm.

Why is she the one leading the holiday spirit? It’s not because she’s got the oldest, most classic songs. Plenty of well-loved Christmas songs came before her big album. People rarely rank her songs at the top of their lists, yet she sits there anyway: the queen of the season. No matter where you go, no matter what you believe or do, she’ll be there.

Typical trending songs and holiday music produced by anyone but the woman herself provide freedom from this onslaught of music. Repetitive music all the same, but it is still a much-needed break from hearing what Mariah Carey wants for Christmas.

Do not let this article be a sign of contempt for Mariah Carey. She is a fantastic singer and songwriter. She has made mistakes, and gone through rough times. She is, of course, a human being who people would condemn if she had any appeal outside of the Christmas season.  However, due to the iconic songs, she will only be known for announcing when “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” and that she refuses to wish for snow. 

Strangely enough, despite the fear and disdain for the music, people are more excited than ever to talk about her defrosting while preparing for the season. The woman has been released from her freezer to bring in the spirit. This is all anyone will think of when Mariah Carey is around. She is a legend, yes, but her only real competition is herself. Setting the bar as high as she did in her early years has brought her to the top, at the cost of never being able to live up to her own legend. 

January will roll around and she’ll freeze over once more. The music will come to an end and she will be contained until next year, but until then we must endure the constant ringing of Mariah Carey’s voice.